1. Driver Installation

First, download and extract the printer driver.

Click on Start, Settings, Devices, Printers & Scanners, then click Add a device. Click The printer that I want isn't listed option.
Choose the second option and enter the printer URL in the following format and click on Next:

  • ""

Click on Have Disk.. then on Browse...
Now, choose the folder with the extracterd files from step 1, specifically the file „KOAYTA__“.
Click OK.
If a list with various printers is shown, choos „Konica Minolta C554 PS“.
Click Next, then Finish.
If a User Account Control window pops up, click Proceed or Yes.

2. Papercut Client

The PaperCut client software is necessary for printing and gives an overview print credit and various other information. The program can be downloaded via this link. After extracting the zip file, right-click the file 'client-local-install.exe' and then choose Run as administrator. In the next window, enter your Uni user account and password, check off the option „Meine Identität merken“ to store these credentials. The small PaperCut window should now show the remainig print credit.

3. Printing

Note: Before sending a print job, check if "Color" or "Gray scale" is selected. The default configuration is color, which might not be wanted and can lead to higher cost per page.
After sending the print job, choose the user account to be charged. Now you can go to any of the multifunction printer in the printing center, corridors or the library. Touch your card to the card reader on the printer and choose from the on-screen options.

Choose "Print Release" and the one or all of the print jobs from the list.
At this point, you can still change from color to grayscale and from one-sided to double-sided printing.
Choose "Print". The print jobs will now be printed. Don't forget to log out from the printer.