UNI card: photo

Notes on the ID photo:

Photo source

Source of photo (students)

On student cards, the photo submitted by the student at registration is used for the card photo.

Source of ID photo (staff)

New employes have to choose from three options before the creation of their UNI card:


  1. self-upload a photo on the PWA site
  2. bring a photo to the IT service office
  3. have their photo taken at the IT service office

Photo properties

The photo provided should meet the following requirements:

  • JPEG file format (not JPEG2000)
  • maximum file size 50 kB
  • aspect ratio 3:4 (e.g. 480x640 pixels)
  • preferably white background
  • only your face is visible, not your upper body
Changing the photo

Changing the photo

You can not change the photo yourself. Instead, you visit the IT service office and have the service staff remove your photo file from the directory service. After that, you can upload a new photo file to the PWA site.
The new photo will be printed on your new / replacement card.

Privacy notes

The photo you provide to us will only be used for the UNI card. The photo can be checked by the registration office, the library, the computer center and the department administration, but only for identification purposes. 
Staff ID photos are not used on the websites of the university or the Campus Management System.