R-N-N-R [research-network – network-research]

The Research Network - Network Research (R-N-N-R) brings together people engaged or interested in social network research. At the regular meetings (approximately every 4 weeks), individual projects within the research on social networks, own texts and presentations or on-topic articles are discussed.

The network was initiated by doctoral students and staff of the Institute for Social Pedagogy and Organisation Studies and of the Institute for Social Sciences of the University of Hildesheim. Since 2014 network researchers from other universities or institutions in and outside of Germany are part of rnnr.

Anyone interested in social network research is cordially invited to attend. Upcoming topics, dates and link to webconference here: https://pad.foebud.org/RNNR

If you are interested, please send a short email to Alice Altissimo (alice.altissimo@uni-hildesheim.de).



Das Research-Network – Network-Research (R-N-N-R) versammelt Personen, die soziale Netzwerkforschung betreiben oder sich dafür interessieren. Bei den regelmäßigen Treffen (etwa alle 4 Wochen) werden einzelne Projekte innerhalb der Forschung zu sozialen Netzwerken diskutiert, eigene Texte und Präsentationen vorgestellt sowie weiterführende Artikel und Ansätze besprochen.

Das Netzwerk wurde von Promovierenden und Mitarbeiter_innen des Instituts für Sozial- und Organisationspädagogik und des Instituts für Sozialwissenschaften der Universität Hildesheim initiiert. Seit 2014 sind ebenfalls Netzwerkforscher_innen anderer Universitäten und Institute Teil von RnnR.

Alle, die Interesse an sozialer Netzwerkforschung haben, sind herzlich zur Teilnahme eingeladen.

Bei Interesse bitte eine kurze Mail an Alice Altissimo (alice.altissimo@uni-hildesheim.de) schicken.

Upcoming and previous meetings of RNNR


2nd November, 11 a.m. - 12 p.m. (CET): tba

19th October, 2 - 3 p.m. (CET): New approaches in qualitative social network research

8th September 1 - 2 p.m. (CET): The role of language in qualitative (network) research

14th July: open exchange session

1st June: Sabine Bakker (Nijmegen): Capital or crutch? - Capturing, understanding, and tracking the value of intra-organizational network resources for organizational newcomers.

11th February: Sean White (Groningen): Narratives in network interviews. Leon Marquardt (Bremen): Entrepreneurship in rural and urban areas.

7th January: Sina Mertens: Network analysis of geosocial data relating to urban development actors via instagram data.


4th December: Kirsten Modrow (Kiel): Welchen Beitrag leistet Soziale Arbeit auf Netzwerkstrukturen und -qualitäten in den egozentrierten Netzwerken von Nutzer*innen der ambulanten Sozialpsychiatrie aus Perspektive der Betroffenen?

6th November: Stefanie Kruse (Wiesbaden): Patterns of cooperation in a child-protection network: importance of dependencies, meaning and discourses

8th October: Marie-Therese Arnold (Berlin): Cooperation structures in multiprofessional networks - questions to the analysis of network maps

8th September: Elena Stasewitsch (Braunschweig): sna as evaluation method in program initiatives in higher education

22 July: Rajalakshmi Kanagavel (Washington): Prediction of spread of Covid-19 through friendship networks

16th June: Michelle Sawwan (University of Notre Dame): analysis on a bipartite analysis of organisation

19th May: Sean White (Groningen): Eccentrics in Combrayville: Operating Culture from a “Special” Situated Position - presentation and discussion

21st April: Maria Rammelmeier (Hannover): Engagement für lebendige Regionen - wie kann Regionalmanagement kulturelles Engagement stärken? - Analyse von Netzwerkkarten

24th February: Joshua Dohmen (Koblenz): organizational learning, knowledge sharing and organizational culture - discussion on quantitative analysis

31st January: Brett Ball (Florida): student-athletes’ support networks, identity and health - discussion on methods


16th December: Continuation with exchange on QSA

12th November: QSA-Community: Dialogue about about current und future perspectives of QSA

14th October: Lea Heyer (Hildesheim): religion in the networks of youth centers (interpretation of an interview passage)

3rd September: André Knabe (Rostock): „Soziale“ Armut? Wahrnehmung und Bewältigung von Armut in sozialen Netzwerken. Ergebnisse einer Mixed-Methods-Studie // “Social” Poverty? Perceprion of- and Coping with Poverty in Social Networks. A Mixed-Methods-Approach

20th August: Sabine Bakker (Nijmegen): Networkdevelopment of newcomers in organizations over time - coding

15th July: Julia Thibaut (Bayreuth): Ethnography of an NGO/ analysis via reconstruction of styles/ stories and formalizing methods.

11th June: Project KitaNet (Alice Altissimo, Tom Toepfer, Sabrina Volk): Discussion/ piloting of an interview guide for research on socio-spatial networking of daycare centers

9th May: Lea Heyer (Hildesheim): religion in the networks of youth centers (interpretation of an interview passage)

11th April: Alice Altissimo/ Andreas Herz (Hildesheim): Youth mobility in relationships (interpretation of an interview passage)

18th/19th March: Einführung in die Qualitative Strukturale Analyse (QSA) (Hildesheim): 2-Tages-Workshop

14th March: Sean White (Grenoble): Relationships between companies´s business model 

23rd January: postponed


 13 th December: Lea Heyer (Hildesheim): religion in the networks of youth centers (interpretation of an interview passage)

15th November: Michelle Sawwan (University of Notre Dame): Two-mode Network Analysis of future scenario deliberations


17th October: Lea Heyer (Hildesheim): religion in the networks of youth centers (interpretation of a network map)

3rd September: Verena Knerich (Munich): Options for (interdisciplinary) PhD trajectories in SNA

11 July: Michelle Sawwan (University of Notre Dame): Middle- to low-income Sunni and Shiite citizens' access to healthcare in Lebanon (interview protocol draft and data collection design discussion)

1st June: Christian Stein (Osnabrück): Water resource management in Tanzania and Ethiopia with a focus on SNA methodology (presentation and discussion)

30th April: Joshua Dohmen (Koblenz): Processes of organisational learning in student networks (research design and conference poster discussion)

26th March: Sean R. White (Grenoble): cross case comparision 

26th February: Theresa Brust (Hildesheim): School in multiprofession cooperation structures (network maps and timelines as a combined approach)

26th January: Cornelia Reyes Acosta (London): network drawings as a means to elicit data on the quality of social ties (draft paper discussion)


8th December:  Theresa Manderscheid (Oldenburg): Network map on polyamorous (family) constellations (analysis)

6th November: Matthew Sitch (Chichester):  changes in network structure over time and their association with participants’ physical activity behaviours.

6th October: Carina Schilling (Hildesheim) dicussion/ pretest of an interview guide (incl. network maps) from her project on structures of cooperation of family centers (“Familienzentren”).

1st September: Julia Thibaut (Bayreuth): Ethnography, events and networks.

13th July:  Alice Altissimo/ Agnetha Bartels/ Andreas Herz (Hildesheim): Interpretation of a network map + Interview with young mobile persons in Europe – project MOVE).

7-9th June: 3rd Workshop on Qualitative Social Network Research in Practice (QSNRP)/ Hildesheim

19th May: Sascha Oswald/ Tobias Wittchen (Hildesheim):  Using visual tools of social network analysis to map the structure of discourses/ communication flows of commentary sections in online-newspapers

20th April: Discussion on "best practice teaching network research"

20th March: Paula Menapace (Rovereto) will discuss a part of a chapter of her phd on how visual network scales were used in interviews and analysis. 

23rd/24th February: Conference on "Organization and Networks" (10. annual conference of the GERA-subdivision "Organizational Pedagogy") More information here.

27th January: Stefan Brandt (Hamburg): Soziale Einbindung und Unterstützung in prekären Erwerbssituationen - Diskussion der Analyse qualitativer Netzwerkkarten und erwerbsbiographischer Interviews. (Social embedding and support in precarious income conditions – discussion of the analysis of qualitative network maps and biographic interviews.)


17th November: Annika Müller (Mainz): Discussion of a draft chapter on translocality and social networks

28th October: Matthew Sitch/ Ruth Lowry (Chichester): Exchange on current and future perspectives

22th September: Alice Altissimo/ Andreas Herz (Hildesheim) Interpretation einer Netzwerkkarte + Interview mit jungen, mobilen Erwachsenen in Europa.(Interpretation of a network map + Interview with young mobile persons in Europe – project MOVE). 

10th August: Christian Stein (Brighton/ Berlin): Qualitative and visual network methods in studies on management of natural resources.

26th June: 2 projects: A: Marion Schnute and Julia Lack (Hildesheim): “Unterstützung für Angehörige von Menschen mit Suchtproblemen“ (support for kin of people with experiences in addiction”) (https://www.uni-hildesheim.de/annet/).  Questions on data collection and analysis. B: Annika Müller (Mainz): Embeddedness of mobile professionals. 

24 May: Elena Stasewitsch (Braunschweig): Exchange relations of workers at the university about teaching – discussion of the questionnaire

28-29th April: Qualitative Social Network Research in Practice (QSNRP) – 2 day Workshop

1st March: Alice Altissimo/ Andreas Herz (Hildesheim) Interpretation einer Netzwerkkarte + Interview mit jungen, mobilen Erwachsenen in Europa.(Interpretation of a network map + Interview with young mobile persons in Europe – project MOVE).

21st January: Mireia Bolíbar Planas (Bremen): Personal networks and participation: relational mechanisms for migrants’ local and transnational civic involvement


15th December: Alice Altissimo/ Andreas Herz (Hildesheim): Interpretation einer Netzwerkkarte mit jungen, mobilen Erwachsenen in Europa. (Interpretation of a network map with young mobile persons in Europe – project MOVE).  

24th November: Martina Kenk (Frankfurt): Personal support networks in the doctoral phase. The Meaning and Relevance of Supervision.

20th October: Luisa Barthauer (Braunschweig): Direct and indirect negative ties in developmental network for subjective career success in academica.

29th September: Rajalakshmi Kanagavel (Hildesheim): MEDIATED CONNECTIONS : exploring the “ social ” in networked students ’ lives; discussion along 2 theses.

25th August: Christin Haude (Hildesheim) project on “Inklusive Schulsozialarbeit” analysis and discussion of network map and interview material. 

14th July: Alice Altissimo/ Andreas Herz (Hildesheim): Leitfaden für Netzwerkkarteninterview mit jungen, mobilen Erwachsenen in Europa/ Projekt: MOVE – Leitfadendiskussion und – pretest (Prestest and discussion of interivew guide for network map interview with young mobile persons in Europe – project MOVE)

16th June: Lena Müller/ Fabian Klauke (Braunschweig): Netzwerkfragebogen für international Studierende – Diskussion (Network questionnaire withinternational students – discussion).

12th May: Annika Müller (Mainz): Interpretation von Längsschnitt-Netzwerkkarten von mobile professionals (Analysis of longitudinal-network maps of mobile professionals).

21st April: Eva Vögtle/ Jürgen Brünjes (Hannover): Hochschulnetzwerke im Rahmen staatlicher Förderprogramme – Strukturen und Determinanten des Austauschs. (University networks in the context of state support programmes – structures and determinants of exchange)

12 and 13th March: Workshop on QMSNR - Qualitative method[ologie]s in social network research (more information: here)

17th February: Luisa Barthauer/ Lena Müller (Braunschweig): multiplexity und developmental network support + discussion of an ego-centric network questionnaire

17th January: Irene Leser (Hildesheim): Analysis of photographs in combination with social network analysis


9th December: Aspasia Papageorgiou (Berlin): Longitudinal analysis of networks from former unaccompanied minors along network maps

18th November: Till Krenz (Magdeburg): Composition and Structure of Personal Networks as Influencing Factors of Social Ressources and Political Attitudes of Democratic Cooperation

21st October: Alice Altissimo (Hildesheim): Mobile and immobile support in international students' networks – text discussion

26 th August: Text discussion: “Identitätskonstruktionen in narrativen Interviews. Ein Operationalisierungsvorschlag im Anschluss an die relationale Netzwerktheorie“ by Stefan Bernhard (find the article here)

15 th July: Fabian Gülzau (Bremen): Growing together or falling apart? The convergence of visa policies in macro-territories

3rd June: Andreas Herz (Hildesheim): How can we explain tensions with the ones we rely on?

6th May: Alice Altissimo (Hildesheim): Qualitative network map interviews: Combining egocentric network maps and narrations

1st April: Paola Menapace (Bielefeld/ Trento): Effectiveness of policies for innovation on a local level: a comparative study on social networks

4th March: Irene Leser (Hildesheim): Soziale Netzwerke von Schüler_innen

21st January: Aspasia Papageorgiou (Berlin): Personal networks of former unaccompanied minors during their transition to adulthood’


17th December: Carolin Ehlke (Hildesheim): Interpretation of network map – Project “religious communities in welfare production”

5th November: Yasmina Banaszczuk (Hamburg): Persönliche und berufliche Netzwerke

Before November 2013 we met on an irregular Basis.