Process Management

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Workflows, responsibilities and forms clearly and transparently in one place.


Welcome to the process management of the University of Hildesheim!

The process management team is primarily responsible for constantly recording new processes at the university, visualising them and checking them for topicality. The aim of the work is to make the individual processes and structures of the university clear and transparent so that they can subsequently be made available to university staff and students. You have access to the process representations via our web model.

You need a "RZ-Kennung" to access the process management. The process management is only available in German. 

The process descriptions on this website are in German only.


Navigating in the process management
What is a process?
How are processes monitored and visualised?
How can you support the process management?


Process overview (German only)

Ausarbeitung und Genehmigung studiengangsbezogener Ordnungen
Dritt- und Sondermittelprojekte
Personalmaßnahme: Weiterbeschäftigung, Aufstockung, Reduzierung MTV
Personalmaßnahmen MTV/WM–Ausschreibung, Einstellung
Akkreditierung von Studiengängen
Wesentliche Änderungen an Studiengängen
An- und Vermietung von Räumen