Study quality funds

Study quality funds for innovative projects

The "Studienqualitätskommission" (KfS) advises on innovative projects that contribute to improving teaching and study conditions.

Project applications can be submitted to the "Studienqualitätsmittelkommission" (KfS).

Applications for projects for the next KfS meeting can be submitted to the Quality Management until 24th june 2020. The date for the next meeting of the KfS is wednesday, the 8th july 2020.

For applications, please use the application form (by downloading it in order to fill in the application form directly on your computer) and read the guideline on the granting of study quality funds (Richtlinie zur Gewährung von Studienqualitätsmitteln). Only interdisciplinary projects are eligible for funding.

Note: All projects financed by the KfS must be concluded with a report and an evaluation. Follow-up applications will only be accepted with an evaluation report of the previously funded measure.

What are study quality funds ("Studienqualitätsmittel")?
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