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The independent contact point for ideas and complaints of all kinds - confidential, impartial and respectful.

Idea and complaint management at the University of Hildesheim

We are currently developing a central idea and complaint management at the University of Hildesheim. This way, we aim to guide students' suggestions and feedback to the appropriate positions.

We will soon offer an overview for guidance:

The Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB) provides an initial orientation guide (in German only). You may find further contact persons and services below.

You have an idea, complaint or concern?

You may take the following steps: 


Please get in toch with the person who you think is or could be in charge.

Problems often arise due to a lack of communication and connection. Sometimes, good solutions can already be found by having a personal conversation with our staff.


If there is or seems to be no appropriate contact person, get in touch with Wilma Raabe.

Please use her email contact form (see right / on smartphones below) and ask for an appointment.

In the future, the idea- and complaint management could also play a mediating role in addition to the advisory role. We are currently developing a process for this purpose.



Principles - How we work

The idea and complaint management is based on the working principles of the German network of complaint and improvement managers and ombuds in higher education (BeVeOm).  We work according to the following principles:

  • Independence: We work autonomously and are independent from institutes, faculties and entities directly incharge of teaching.
  • Confidentiality: We do not pass on contents and personal data without your permission. Your information is treated confidentially.
  • Neutrality/impartiality: We are equally committed to all parties involved (students, academic and administrative staff) and work to support good, pragmatic solutions - not at the expense of third parties.
  • Appreciation: We treat all parties and their concerns with respect and appreciation.
Background - How the idea and complaint management started

In June 2017 the Commission for Study Quality Funds approved an application for the establishment and implementation of a central idea and complaint management at the University of Hildesheim.

The project runs from March 2018 till February 2019 and is part of the Quality Management unit.

Assuring teaching quality

In order to ensure the quality of teaching assignments, the State Universities' Conference (Landeshochschulkonferenz) recommends the introduction of an idea and complaint management or feedback system. Futher, universities may assess the option to establish a teaching and study-related ombuds system. This may be easily accessible and enable students' feedback in addition to "official channels".

Further contact persons and student services

Student services

Student services overview (German only)

Orientiation guide explaining terms relating to daily university life (German only)

Student representatives

AStA (Student Union)

Fachschaftsvertretungen (Fachschaften)

Heureka (explains how the university works as a political system. Developed by students as part of their semester project. In German only.) 


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Share your ideas

 We would like to hear your suggestions and ideas on how to improve our working structures and processes. Please contact Wilma Raabe.

She is responsible for developing and implimenting our idea and complaint management.



Telephone: 883-90164
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Room: G203
Consultation time: Termine jederzeit möglich
Homepage: http://www.uni-hildesheim.de/qualitaetsmanagement/entwicklung/ideen-und-beschwerdemanagement Homepage

P.O. box

P.O. box 250 can be found in front of the library entrance.