The idea and complaints office works with all members of the University of Hildesheim to support a fair and respectful learning and working environment for everyone. The office is an independent, impartial and confidential resource for students as well as all other members of staff.

Students can turn to the office with varies matters concerning the broad field of studies and teaching, e.g.

PhD students may also contact Dr. Svea Korff at our graduate centre.

The ideas and complaints office is available in English. You may contact Wilma Raabe via phone or contact form.



Telephone: 05121-883.90164
email contact form
Room: G203 oder Bahnhofsallee 15
Consultation time: Termine nach Vereinbarung und auch kurzfristig möglich
Homepage: Homepage

Post office box (number 250) can be found in front of the library entrance.

Please check the German site for more details.