Frequently asked questions on accreditation

Where can I find the accreditation certificates??

⇒ Link to the accreditation certificates

How does an accreditation process work??

A detailed description of the accreditation process can be found here in our Process Management.

To open our Process Management you need your RZ-Kennung.

What are the requirements for a degree program? ?

  1. Rules of the Accreditation council (Drs. AR 20/2013)
  2. Qualifications Framework for German Higher Education Qualifications (Qualifikationsrahmen 2017)
  3. Common structural guidelines of the Länder for the accreditation of Bachelor’s and Master’s study courses  (Ländergemeinsame Strukturvorgaben) (Ländergemeinsame Strukturvorgaben 2010)
  4. Auslegung of the Common structural guidelines of the Länder (Drs. AR 48/2013) (German)

When do the preparations for a re-accreditation have to start?

⇒ If possible one year before the expiry of the accreditation. The time limit for accreditation is indicated on the certificate (accreditation certificates).

Who chooses the accreditation agency?

Das Präsidium und die Dekane entscheiden gemeinsam über die Wahl der Akkreditierungsagentur. Der betroffene Studiengang kann dazu zuvor eine Empfehlung abgeben. Das Qualitätsmanagement und die Dekanatsgeschäftsführung sollte darüber informiert werden.

The Presidium and the Deans together decide on the choice of the accreditation agency. The study programme concerned can make a recommendation beforehand. The quality management and the dean's office management (Dekantsgeschäftsführung) should be informed about this.

More information on the process can be found in the internal process management (Process map -> "Accreditation of degree programmes"): <link prozessmanagement/files/></link>

Why are accreditation certificates open to public and where do they have to be published?

The publication of the certificate is obligatory according to the rules of the Accreditation Council. This is regulated in the "Rules for the Accreditation of Study Programmes and for System Accreditation" of the Accreditation Council. Drs. AR 20/2013, 1.1.9. ( ) 
"After the procedure, the Agency will publish the decision, the opinion and the names of the evaluators. In case of negative decisions, the Accreditation Council will be notified instead of a publication. The agency will ensure confidentiality without prejudice to its reporting obligations to the Accreditation Council."
The certificates are published on the website of the Accreditation Council, or, more specifically, in the Central Database of the Accreditation Council. 

Who is responsible for sending the accreditation documents to the accreditation agency?

The accreditation documents are sent to the agency by the responsible study program coordinators and/or the respective institutes. The number of copies is prescribed by the respective agency. Acquin requires 10 copies and a CD-ROM, AQAS requires 6 copies and a CD-ROM.

What has to be considered when changing the name of a study program?

The change of the program name is a substantial change (§ 6 NHG). The change must be agreed with the accreditation agency. The name change must be stated in writing, study and examination regulations (incl. module handbook) must be submitted. The change should be coordinated internally (dean's office management, quality management, controlling).

What are substantial changes to a study program?

Substantial changes are...

Handout for "Wesentliche Änderungen" (substantial changes, German only) by ACQUIN


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