General Information on the Teaching Award

In addition to other elements of the Quality Management in the field of study and teaching at the University of Hildesheim, the Award for Outstanding Teaching is aimed at improving the quality of teaching. The Teaching Award is intended to acknowledge the special commitment of teachers to good teaching and to encourage teachers in the further development of innovative teaching and learning concepts.

Since 2017 a " come-together with the winner" rounds off the award ceremony. In a two-hour evening event, interested lecturers will have the opportunity to discuss the question "outstanding teaching - what is it actually?" with the award winner. The date for this event will also be announced at the New Year's Reception.

The award makes an important contribution to the realisation of the mission statement of the University of Hildesheim as a student university. The Award for Outstanding Teaching not only places the interests of the students in the spotlight, it also plays a central role in the nomination and selection of the award winners.


The Award for Outstanding Teaching is presented annually by the Presidium of the University of Hildesheim and is endowed with 3,000 euros. All lecturers at the University of Hildesheim (full-time lecturers and lecturers) can be nominated for the award.

The price money is to be used for further measures of good teaching.

The next nomination period starts on 22/10/18 and ends on 12/11/18

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Teaching Award please send us an e-mail.

Background information on the awards

Background information on the awards

Since the academic year 2008/09, the University of Hildesheim has been presenting the Award for Outstanding Teaching!

The objectives are to develop:

  • to promote awareness of the importance of teaching
  • to create motivation for a good teaching process
  • underline positive examples of good teaching
  • to encourage students to use their nomination to improve teaching at the university and make their own assessment of certain teachers known
Award procedure

Award procedure

The award procedure was redesigned as of the academic year 2014/15.

All students of the University of Hildesheim are eligible to apply from the second semester onwards. They will receive an e-mail with a link to the online portal. There they can nominate a teacher by means of a short questionnaire.

The Quality Management then draws up a summary.

The Central Quality Management Commission elects a jury.

This jury is made up of equal numbers of students and teachers, chaired by the Vice-President for Teaching.

The award ceremony is part of a university public event. The date will be announced in due time.

Selection criteria

Selection criteria

When selecting the award-winner, the nominations submitted will be used to assess to what extent innovative or successful teaching and learning concepts are used in the proposed course. The following criteria are used as a basis for this:

  • use of new methods to support successful learning processes
  • support of creative and critical thinking
  • support of independent learning and responsible actions
  • support of team-oriented work and learning
  • support of problem-oriented learning
  • support of research-based learning
  • support of theory-practice-relationship of teaching and learning processes
  • support of inter- and transdisciplinary learning
  • Innovative use of media, information and communication technologies
  • Use of innovative testing methods


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Award for Outstanding Teaching please send us an e-mail.

Previous winners

academic year


academic year 2017/18

Dr. Stefan Flohr: Bioarchaeology and Paleoecology II, as well as functional anatomy of the musculoskeletal system

academic year 2016/17

Part 1: Dr. Jochen Bonz: Kulturwissenschaft im Spannungsfeld von ästhetischem und ethnologischem Kulturverständnis

Part 2: Prof. Dr. Werner Greve: Einführung in die Psychologie und Einführung in die Entwicklungspsychologie

academic year 2015/16

Part 1: Isabel Rink

Part 2: Ryan Hackländer: Orientierung und Kommunikation von Menschen mit Sinnesbehinderung

academic year 2014/15

Dr. Guido Graf: several courses

academic year 2013/14

Dr. Nana Zeh: Samba und Choro aus Brasilien

academic year 2012/13

Prof. Dr. Christiane Maaß, Prof. Dr. Thomas Mandl and Uta Fröhlich: Barrierefreie Internetnutzung und Orientierung von Menschen mit Sinnesbehinderung

academic year 2011/12

Prof. Dr. Barbara Schmidt-Thieme, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Sander and Prof. Dr. Thomas Richthammer: Hildesheimer Stufen zum Einstieg in die Mathematik bzw. das erste Studienjahr

academic year 2010/11

Volker Sommer: Theorie und Praxis der Politikfeldanalyse

academic year 2009/10

Part 1: Dr. Barbara Hornberger: Spaß verstehen

Part 2: Elke Bosse and Berenike Kuschel: Lehrkonzept zur Qualifizierung für Interkulturelle Kommunikation

academic year 2008/09

Part 1: Janet-Marie McLaughlin: Textual Compositon

Part 2: Dr. Torsten Richter and Dr. Kim Philip Schumacher: Sustainable University