Evaluation software

Questor Pro

Questor Pro is a German Software programme of the company Blubbsoft, which is used for different kinds of surveys (paper & pencil and online) at the University of Hildesheim. The software is available to all employees and students of the University of Hildesheim for decentralized installation and use, e.g. in the context of courses, dissertations or research projects.

The number of installations is not limited, i.e. it is also possible to install the program on several computers. The corresponding access code must be created once. Lecturers have the possibility to get an account with coordination rights. This allows the teacher to create subaccounts, e.g. for group work.

If you are interested, please contact the evaluation team, Ms. Wieczorek, to get the access data for the software download and user data for the login to the software. A form has been developed for this purpose, please fill it out and send it back by mail.

Please note that the license is linked to university membership.



Unizensus is a software by Blubbsoft. With their help, the teaching evaluations are administered, designed and evaluated. An extended evaluation option is available via an interface to the data distillery.

Unizensus ist eine Software der Firma Blubbsoft. Mit ihrer Hilfe werden die Lehrevaluationen verwaltet, gestaltet und ausgewertet. Eine erweiterte Möglichkeit der Auswertung gibt es über eine Schnittstelle zur Datendestille.

Im Gegensatz zur Software QuestorPro, wird mit Unizensus vorwiegend intern gearbeitet. Informationen zum Ablauf von Evaluationen sowie Hinweise für die Durchführung erhalten Sie auf den entsprechenden Seiten zur Evaluation.


The Daten-Destille is a software from the Blubbsoft company. It serves as an extended option for interactive evaluations of survey and evaluation data from QuestorPro and Unizensus [no subpage created yet]. The Daten-Destille is available for free at the University of Hildesheim and can be used for any evaluation of survey data. However, this requires that the data was previously collected with QuestorPro or Unizensus and that the data file required for the Daten-Destille was created there. The Daten-Destille makes it possible to examine the survey results according to different criteria (filtering according to certain answers, comparison of different groups, correlations, crosstables).

The Daten-Destille is intended as an intermediate stage for the standard static evaluations of QuestorPro and Unizensus and a professional evaluation using statistical software such as SPSS. It also enables an intuitive and interactive evaluation of survey and evaluation data for non-professionals.

The Daten-Destille only allows a direct evaluation, i.e. the different evaluation options such as filters, groups in comparison, correlations, cross tables cannot be combined with each other, as this could possibly restrict the anonymity of the interviewees. All evaluation results can be saved as PDF, Word or ODT documents.