Evaluation of degree programs and study conditions

The evaluation of the degree programs and study conditions is to give an overview about the parts of the quality service and the infrastructure that can be improved from the students' point of view.


Highlights - improvements as a result of the evaluation of the study conditions in 2013


  • Establishment of a service points which is occupied 15 hours a week in order to improve the reachability of the "Immatrikulations- und Prüfungsamt" (matriculation and examination office)
  • Expansion of human resources in the "Immatrikulations - und Prüfungsamt"
  • Expansion of the opening times of the university library on Saturdays (open till 6 pm) as well as expanded opening times in the non-lecture period
  • Continuation of the project "Bücher für Studierende" (books for students) = recommendations for acquisition
  • Revision of the "LSF" in terms of clear structure as well as the improvement when assigning places for the courses
  • Expension of the opening times of the canteen (8:30 - 6 pm)
  • Use of mobile shops selling food and snacks in the locations Domäne and Samelsonlatz
  • Changes concerning the food preparation in the canteen: regional fruits and vegetables, establishment of the menu "mensaVital"
  • Replacement and repairs of the auditorium seating in H1, H2 and H3
  • New media techniques in the music hall as well as modernisation of the computers in the university library