Course evaluation

In the summer semester, the evaluation is voluntary for lecturers. If a lecturer wants to evaluate a course, he or she can register in the LSF. Afterwards, the quality management provides sheets or online resources according to the request. All seminars and lectures are involved, other forms of courses can also be included in the course evaluation on request.



For students

At the start of the evaluation period you will receive an e-mail from the evaluation team. In addition to further information on the procedure, this e-mail also contains a token link with which you can participate in the online evaluations. These links are not linked to you as a person/e-mail address; the survey is therefore completely anonymous.

Does your course take place beforehand, and does the lecturer wish an evaluation via the online portal? As in the past, the LSF contains a link for the online evaluation. This semester, we are testing two tracks in order to increase the response rate. Also with this variant no identification takes place.

For lecturers

You can already register your desired form of evaluation in the LSF. If your seminar ends before the official start of the evaluation period, please let us know. You will then receive the forms or the online activation earlier.

In the second week of the semester, please check whether LSF admission(s) and actual number of students match and, if necessary, update the list of participants or the value "expected participants" in order to obtain a correct number of sheets. 

Information on evaluation can be found on this page or on our information sheet on course evaluation.

If there are, according to LSF, less than six students registered in yourseminar/exercise, you will only receive a copy template via e-mail. In this way we aim to contribute to sustainability.

That does not apply to lectures, as there is often no manual/automatic admission and we and you therefore do not know any concrete numbers of participants.

If English is specified as the language of the course, you will receive English language sheets.

for foreign students we now offer a translation help (downloadlink) German-English for the standard evaluation forms. This is intended to make it easier to understand the German-language forms.

for the evaluation in free design, you will only receive a sheet in the future upon explicit request. Please do so by telephone or by e-mail. With this you have the choice between a protocol sheet - you receive an unedited scan of it back from us - or a sheet with guiding questions. If several completed sheets are available, the answers will be returned clustered by question.

You will find design options for an alternative evaluation next below on this page; if you make the appropriate selection in the LSF, you will also find other options at the start of the evaluation period by e-mail.

General information about the course evaluation

  • For reasons of data protection we can only send you the results of courses which were evaluated by more than five students.

  • If there are several small groups within an course number, it is possible to combine the groups for the evaluation. Please register before the start of the evaluation period.
  • In order to avoid reminder e-mails, please let us know if your course has not been evaluated.

Paper form evaluation

  • There is no fixed return date. It is up to you at what time in the semester you would like to evaluate your course/s. If you wish to discuss the results, it makes sense to submit the completed evaluation forms at least two weeks before the end of the lecture period.
  • For reasons of data protection, please let the students put the forms in the envelope and prepare them for the submission. You do not need to send back blank evaluation forms.

  • Please only use the evaluations forms which are intended for your course. Otherwise, our system will assign them incorrectly.

  • If you need more evaluation forms or if you have noticed an error in the course title/ number, please contact the evaluation team via phone 05121-883 90162 or write a mail. You will then receive new evaluation forms.

  • To get more evaluation forms, it is also possible to copy a blank form of the same course.

  • The processing time is on average two working days. If there is a full census in the wintersemester, the processing time can be extended to one week.

Evaluation in free form

For the evaluation of your course/s, you can also use alternative variants in addition to the standard form provided by us. Some examples how to evaluate you can find here (only available in german). Besides, there is a tool in the Moodle/Learnweb that allows you to conduct continuously self-designed surveys within your course. Questions about the tool will be answered by the person responsible for the Learnweb.


Date  Event

until the 15/11/21                                          

Lecturers and temporary lecturers have the possibilty to register in LSF in which form their courses are to be evaluated. The number of participants and other event data should be added.


The evaluation period starts. The online evaluation is activated.

10/01/22 The intermediate results of the online evaluation are sent via e-mail (if there are more than five participants).  
end of february 2022 At the end of the semester, the final results of the online evaluations are sent via e-mail. If further evaluations are made before the end of the semester, we will send out the results until the beginning of october.  



Why are we evaluating our courses?

The aim of the course evaluation at the University of Hildesheim is, based on our student's feedback, to encourage discussions about the quality of teaching and to initiate possibilities for further development.

The evaluation serves as a feedback tool in order to evaluate the lecturer's courses and to show possible improvements.

With the knowledge of the areas that can be improved, the lecturers can specifically engage in further training, e.g. via the university's further and advanced training programmes.

Furthermore, the Lower Saxon Higher Education Act (NHG) states in §5, para. 1 that the university provides a quality assessment of the courses, evaluated by the students at least once a year.




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