Zentrale Qualitätsmanagementkommission

Tasks and functions of the "Zentrale Qualitätsmanagementkommission"

In April 2009, the "Zentrale Qualitätsmanagementkommission" was set up for the first time. Since then, this commission has been accompanying the process of development and further development of quality management at the University of Hildesheim.

With regard to the structure and development of the quality management of the University of Hildesheim, the essential function of the "Zentale Qualitätsmanagementkommission" is to prepare important decisions concerning the quality management for decision-making in the Senate and the university administration. 

This also includes – if necessary through the formation of working groups – the conception of quality management tools. With this in mind, processes of the course evalution and study programme evaluation in close cooperation with the "zentrale Qualitätsmanagement" on the one hand and the "dezentrale Qualitätsmanagement" on the other hand, especially the QM-Studienkommissionen, have been established successfully.

On top of that, the "Zentrale Qualitätsmanagementkommission" is an important platform for the quality assurance and optimisation of study and teaching. The "Senatskommission" (Senate Commission) is involved in the new development, further development and consolidation of the study programms. Especially the quality profiles of the study programms are discussed with regard to their common profile at the University of Hildesheim.


Formation of the "Zentrale Qualitätsmanagementkommission"



Telephone: +49 5121 883-90160
Room: P 105

Delegates (Professors)

Foto Inga Truschkat

Truschkat, Inga
Professorin Dr. FB 1

Telephone: +49 5121 883-11706
Consultation time: Do 16 - 17 h, Beginn 25.4.
Room: L 091
Foto Matthias Rebstock

Rebstock, Matthias
Professor Dr. FB 2

Telephone: +49 5121 883-20902
Consultation time: 21.2. 10-12 Uhr und 14.3. 11.30-12.30 Uhr nach Anmeldung
Room: Hs 2/109 Dom

Sabban †, Annette
Professorin Dr. phil. habil. FB 3

Klaus Schmid

Schmid, Klaus
Professor Dr. rer. nat. FB 4

Telephone: +49 5121 883-40332
Room: C 209 Spl

Reserve Delegates (Professors)

Foto Birgit Mandel

Mandel, Birgit
Professorin Dr. FB 2

Telephone: +49 5121 883-20102
Consultation time: im Semester mittwochs 9 - 10 Uhr, 8.5. und 29.5, wg, Exkursion und Kommission keine Sprechstunde
Room: Hs 46/201
Foto Irene Pieper

Pieper, Irene
Professorin Dr. FB 3

Telephone: +49 5121 883 30110
Consultation time: Di, 14.30-15.30 Uhr (ab 16.4.19), Anmeldungen im Learnwebkurs „Sprechstunde Pieper“
Room: LN 211
Foto Ralf Knackstedt

Knackstedt, Ralf
Professor Dr. FB 4

Telephone: +49 5121 883-40602
Consultation time: nach Vereinbarung
Room: D 015a Spl

Delegates (Students)

Reserve Delegates (Students)

Delegates (Academic Staff)

Telephone: +49 (0)5121 883-20506
Consultation time: Mi 14-15 (nur nach Anmeldung: https://literaturinstitut-hildesheim.de/guido-graf/)
Room: Hs 2A/108 Domäne

Reserve Delegates (Academic Staff)

Telephone: 05121 883 11780
Consultation time: Do 13.45 - 14.45 h
Room: L 152

Delegates (Technical and Administrative Staff)

Telephone: 05121 88392202
Consultation time: Sprechzeiten: www.uni-hildesheim.de/zsb/kontakt-und-sprechzeiten/sprechzeiten-zentrale-studienberatung-zsb
Room: N 143

Reserve Delegates (Technical and Administrative Staff)

Telephone: +49 5121 883-91202
Room: N 344


Foto Jürgen Sander

Sander, Jürgen
Professor Dr. rer. nat. habil.

Telephone: +49 5121 883-40140
Consultation time: bei offen stehender Dienstzimmertür
Room: A 109 Spl

Invitations and protocols of the "Zentrale Qualitätsmanagementkommission"

Access to the invitations and protocols requires the "RZ-Kennung". Attachments are available on request at the Quality Management. The documents are only available in German.