Accreditation procedure

"Die Akkreditierung im Hochschulbereich ist ein länder- und hochschulübergreifendes Verfahren der Begutachtung von Studienangeboten in Bachelor- und Masterstudiengängen staatlicher oder staatlich anerkannter Hochschulen." (= Accreditation in the higher education sector is an inter-state and inter-university procedure for assessing study programs offered in Bachelor's and Master's programs at state or state-recognised higher education institutions.)

The Quality Management supports the accreditation procedures of all study programs at the University of Hildesheim. We prepare the self-report of the respective study program and forward it to the study program representatives. Subsequently, the documents including annexes are checked and sent to the accreditation agencies.

In this context, the Quality Management processes the templates, module overviews and appendices and works closely with the study program representatives to prepare the self-report. The study programs are currently being program accredited.

Currently there has been a model ordinance since 2018, which was issued by the Accreditation Council and serves as a template for the preparation of the self-report. This brings with it a number of changes that must be taken into account when preparing the report.

You can find the current Model Ordinance here (German only).

Accreditation procedures as a process

In order to simplify the procedure of the accreditation processes as far as possible, the quality management provides you with a series of process overviews.

You can gain access to them by clicking on the requested topic or image. The images are intended to provide a quick overview of the embedded processes.

Note: You need your "RZ-Kennung" to access the process management.

The process overviews are only available in German.

accreditation of study programs
Elaboration and approval of study program-related regulations
Major change in a study program - name change