Quality management

Welcome to the quality management‘s website of the University of Hildesheim.

Dates: accreditation

30.09.2019: SOP (B.A./M.A./Dr.)

re-accreditation process

30.09.2019: UNN (M.Sc.)

re-accreditation process

30.09.2019: SGull (M.Sc.)

re-accreditation process

Dates: evaluation

from 11.11.2017: Deadline for the registration

Changes in the LSF are no longer registered.

from 11.12.2017: Start of the evaluation

The online evaluation is activated, paper forms are sent.

from 12.12.2017: Results

The results of the evaluations are sent.

Dates: development

Link to committee's calendar.

31.01.2018 - 12 Uhr: ZQM

meeting: "Zentrale QM-Kommission"

09.05.2018 - 12 Uhr: ZQM

meeting: "Zentrale QM-Kommission"

30.05.2018 - 12 Uhr: ZQM

meeting: "Zentrale QM-Kommission"

04.07.2018 - 16 Uhr: SQM

meeting: "Studienqualitätsmittelkommission" (Central Study Quality Fund Commission)

Applications can be submitted up to the 20.06.2018 using the application form application form (RZ-identification required.)