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Outstanding Teaching Award 2020/21

Every year, the university awards prizes for outstanding teaching, research and service during the New Year's Reception. Congratulations to Dr. Sanne Ziethen for the Outstanding Teaching Award for her events Research in the 21st Century and the organization of the Barcamp as well as Hi*story.

For more information, please click here.

Evaluation of the courses

In the winter semester, the course evaluation will again be carried out online and will start on 13.12.21. At the latest at the changeover to the summer semester (end of March/beginning of April), all teachers whose evaluation number is at least six will receive their evaluation. In the winter semester, all seminars and lectures (according to the event type in the LSF) are evaluated in order to comply with § 5 NHG. The form of evaluation is determined by the teacher's entry in the LSF.

For more information, please contact Ms. Cathrin Wieczorek or look under the menu item "Evaluation".

Survey of continuing education programs 2022

In February and March 2022, a survey of graduates and students of the continuing education programs of the Foundation University of Hildesheim will take place. For more information please click here.

Student survey 2022

In May and June 2022, the Foundation University of Hildesheim will conduct a survey of its students. For all information please click here.

Exmatriculant survey 2021

The 2021 matriculant survey has ended. Thank you to all the matriculants who participated for contributing to the success of the survey. The drawing for the prizes has also been completed.

The three grand prizes were won by the following individuals:
1 MacBook Pro M1 13 inch: Annika Sauthoff
1 Samsung Galaxy Tablet S7: Candice Groff
1 Samsung Galaxy Tablet S7: Kushtrim Alijaj

We would like to congratulate the winners of the 3 main prizes and the winners of the 22 book vouchers worth 50 euros each.

Annual report of the quality management

The annual report of the year 2020 of the quality management can be viewed here. The document can only be viewed with an RZ identifier.

Results of the home office survey

Employees were surveyed regarding working at the University of Hildesheim during Corona times.

The results of the survey and the report can be found here. Attention: The document can only be opened with the RZ identifier.

Accreditation procedures

14/01/2026: SPO (M.Sc.)

Re-accreditation procedure

14/01/2026: UMW (M.Sc.)

Re-accreditation procedure

The Quality Management Team

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Head of the Quality Management

Torsten Bergt

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Course evaluation

Cathrin Wieczorek

Lije He

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Coordination of evaluation

Andreas Sarcletti

Carolin Paschke

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Idea- and Complaint Office

Wilma Raabe

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Marcel Ritzmann
Nikolai Wagner

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Process management

Rebekka Rose
Franziska Bausch
Viola Wunstorf

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Editorial office

Felix Tamanini

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Quality management website

Lije He

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