Quality management

Welcome to the quality management‘s website of the University of Hildesheim.

Dates: accreditation

Februar 2019 SOP (B.A./M.A./Dr.)

re-accreditation procedure

30.09.2019: UNN (M.Sc.)

re-accreditation procedure

30.09.2019: SGull (M.Sc.)

re-accreditation procedure

30.09.2017: DaZ/DaF (M.A.)

re-accreditation procedure

Dates: evaluation


start: course evaluation (present)


by the end of the semester: results are to be submitted via E-mail for the online evaluation (present)


end of the survey phase: graduate surveys KOAB (present: waiting for the results)


deadline: evaluation request (desired date) in the LSF

Dates: Development

Link to the commitee's calendar

14.06.2017: KfS

Meeting of the "Studienqualitätsmittelkommission"

28.06.2017: ZQM

Meeting of the "zentrale QM-Kommission"