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hiFashion 2023 - the (more) sustainable textile collection of the University of Hildesheim #Fairtrade Universities





Internal (business) sales

You can place your order in advance at our email address unishop@uni-hildesheim.de so that we can prepare it for you to collect. If you have any questions during the opening hours of the Unishop, you can reach us by phone on 05121 - 883.90128. However, please understand that your order can only be issued in the Unishop during the opening hours stated above.

We will also provide a current price list for official sales with the merch we currently have in stock as soon as possible.

Internal (business) sales are made exclusively against settlement via cost center or order number.

Discounts can NOT be granted (without exception). Although self-ordering of some items may appear cheaper (!). However, the university incurs additional costs if merchandising articles are designed, ordered and stored at various locations within the university. We ask you to refrain from that. Important note: We are currently working on reorganizing our merchandise in order to offer some items exclusively and internally at lower prices from the summer semester onwards.

We are looking forward to receive your suggestions so that we can revise and update our assortment. Thank you in advance! Come and visit us, we hope to see you there!

The Unishop Hildesheim team

Opening hours

Opening hours in winter semester 2023/24:

On Wednesdays 9-11 a.m.

On Thursdays 13-15 a.m.