Our policy

Ethical guidelines for fundraising of the University of Hildesheim

The foundation University of Hildesheim realizes its vision as a European University in respect to liberal-democratic constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany and the responsibility of the Federation of Lower Saxony. A special concern of ours is the equality between women and men as well as people of different race, social or religious background. As foundation university, the University of Hildesheim pledges to respect its community and its supporters for a responsible fundraising and care. Following ethical guidelines are to be considered for our fundraisings:

1. The university takes responsibility for its community and maintains a relationship with its donors.

The university reacts to current issues and of significant importance and develops with the help of research and education.
It respects donors rights regaring the Charter of the German Fundraising Association e.V. and follows principals of Guter Stiftungspraxis des Bundesverbandes Deutscher Stiftungen.
It pledges to a responsible handling of communication and marketing.
For fundraising promotion issues, only true and precise information will be used.
Privacy policies will be respected at any time.


2. The university pledges to a responsible fundraising regarding guidelines and moral handling of donations.

Donations will be accepted as long as they are given voluntarily, match the guidelines of the university and and their use does not generate more than a reasonable cost in relation to their value.
Donations will be used according to the donors wishes under stipulation of freedom for research and education.
Donations will be recruited in respect to the free will of the donator.
The university has a right to refuse donations, if the source or usage does not match its goals and duties.


3. The university undertakes a responsible management of reporting and financing.

The university ensures that all actions for responsible recruiting fundraising, accounting and reporting is transparent and definite.
If required, scholars get informed about the purpose of use (calculated proof of usage) after completion of the funded measure in accordance with the applicable accounting guidelines.


4. The university follows fixed financial regulations for its services in fundraising.

The university is based on reliable and stable donations.
Persons involved with fundraising do not get a commission or provision.
Persons involved with fundraising do not accept gratifications or personal payments in cash or material items.


Passed by the Senate of the Foundation University of Hildesheim on 1st December 2010