Mission statement

Our mission statement

University Foundation

As a young and successful University Foundation we want to

  • shape our future autonomously and self-dependently.
  • do all we can to ensure close links with the society around us
    and powerful networking with partners in culture and commerce.
  • build up the foundation assets in the long term.

University with a unique profile

As a university with an innovative academic profile, we offer

  • a consecutive Teacher Education and Training programme with
    practical studies elements from the first semester onwards.
  • a programme in Cultural Studies with an international orientation
    and fully integrated artistic practice.
  • an intercultural and multidisciplinary study programme incorporating
    the fields of languages, translation and information studies.
  • a close relationship between the university and industrial partners
    in Computer & Information Science (more than 30 funding enterprises)

University for the students

As a university for the students, we put special emphasis on

  • the active integration of students into teaching and learning processes.
  • social responsibility: aid programmes such as the “Minerva Kolleg” or social capital.
  • the participation of students in the decision-making as to how student fees are used.
  • a family-oriented university.