About the Conference

The Department of Translation Studies and Technical Communication, and the Research Centre for Easy-to-Read German are happy to announce the conference “Accessible Communication”, which will be held from the 18th to 20th October to mark the introduction of the new master’s program “Accessible Communication” at the University of Hildesheim. The conference is limited to 100 participants.

Accessible Communication encompasses all measures to remove barriers in different communication situations. Communication barriers may result from impairments of sensory organs and/or the cognitive abilities of the participants as well as the demands of texts regarding media, cultural, field-specific, general and technical language competence. Barriers exist when texts are not adapted to communication situations and the recipients.

Students of the program will gain scientific knowledge and skills for a professional carrier in the field of accessible communication. Different areas within the field will be covered, especially translating and interpreting in Plain and Easy-to-Read language, sign language, speech-to-text reporting, Augmentative and Alternative Communication, audio description and subtitling for hearing impaired people in various media contexts.

The handbook “Accessible Communication", edited by Christiane Maaß and Isabel Rink of the Research Centre for Easy-to-Read German and published by Frank & Timme, which has established itself as the most important publisher in the area of accessible communication in the German-speaking area in the past years, will be presented at the conference. The volume contains almost 40 contributions by researchers and professionals from the field, many of whom will speak about their work at the conference.

The conference will thus provide an overview of accessible communication as a field of activity and at the same time be a platform for the exchange of ideas between researchers and professionals. Correspondingly, it will feature a mix of high-profile lectures and workshops by participants from industry, politics, administration, media, as well as representatives of empowerment groups and people working with persons with disabilities. Prospective students will have the opportunity to meet addressees of accessible communication offers, learn about the field of their future professional activities and gain insight into the status and desiderata of research.

In accordance with the objective of the study program and bearing in mind the heterogeneity of the participating groups, the conference will be as barrier-free as possible.  

The highlight of the first day will be the presentation of an award for outstanding translation in Easy-to-Read German. This price, which was donated by the Duden Editorial Office, will be jointly presented by the Research Centre for Easy-to-Read German and the Lebenshilfe Braunschweig.