If you want to pursue, think through, develop, work on, improve, sharpen, test and realise ideas, you need: spaces. The KET offers such spaces to all members of the University of Hildesheim who want to work on their business ideas. There are rooms to develop business ideas and prototypes together, to further develop your own start-up idea behind closed doors or together with others, to exchange ideas with other people interested in starting a business and the KET team. Get in touch with us!

In the Maker-Space, with supporting technologies such as a 3D printer and the Ardunio starter kit, you will find everything you need to further develop and implement your own ideas. Tinker, test, develop, make! You can't find what you need here? Contact us and we'll see how we can help you.

The creative space serves in particular to inspire through a stimulating environment, through materials and documents, through space to think and create, and through stories of encouragement from other founding teams. Here, the individual stories of founding teams are presented, here you will find tools to create, here we give you thinking spaces and create spaces for protected feedback. Get creative on the smartboard and confident on our pitch stage.

In addition, workstations are available for a total of five start-up teams to work, exchange and present ideas. For a limited period of time, teams that want to hone their business idea can make the workstations their own. From desks to lockable cupboards, there is everything needed to work in peace.

If our spaces are not enough or you have special needs, get in touch with us! In cooperation with the regional start-up ecosystem, the KET also provides referrals to other coworking spaces and labs. The university itself also offers certain access to these and makes them available for new founders.