Buddy Programme/Sprachtandems

Buddy Program/Language Tandem

Language Tandem

The Language Tandem consists of two people with different first languages who will help each other to learn each other’s language. Both of the participants profit from this partnership. The tandem partners decide themselves what and how they would like to learn. This program doesn’t give credits or certificates.

With Tandem you will see the possibility of communicating in a foreign language and learning a lot about its culture. 

The structure of the meetings is left to the Tandenpartners. You could use it for example to:

  • Discuss a previously arranged theme (from a news article etc.) to improve the oral competence
  • Practice grammar and vocabulary
  • Prepare for tests

Or also to:

  • Watch a movie in one of the foreign languages (with or without subtitles)
  • Help each other with homework
  • Cook a traditional meal of one of the countries
  • Listen to an audiobook or read books/newspapers together

Language tandem on the University of Hildesheim is organized by the Incoming Team. You can apply for it here.

Language Tandem: Feedback

Ayten Bölükbasi - Fatima Alagić

Çukurova University – Hildesheim University

English Teaching – International Information Management  

„Ayten and I are Tandenparners since April. We got to know each other in a Go.Intercultural! Workshop and met again this year in a Spanish language course. Already during the language course, we would spend the afternoons together. At first, we would learn a little Spanish together, then Turkish and German. She would speak in German and I corrected her, then I would speak in Turkish and she corrected me. We also took the writing into account and often sat together to study grammar and conjugation.

After the language course, we would meet to eat together and talk about daily things. We exchanged our knowledge and opinion on a lot of different themes, like for example life in Germany and life in Turkey.

It was also a part of our partnership to go shopping and to the movies together. We would then watch a movie with subtitles or sometimes just in German. We would also meet for coffee and go over grammar since there were often open questions. While Ayten could speak German very well, I have a couple of difficulties in Turkish. For me it was unusual to get in the Language again and train to talk, I find it easier to write. We also would give each other homework. I tried to write in Turkish when we exchanged messages, while Ayten would mostly write in German.“ Fatima Alagic

Language Tandem: Virtual Reality

Foreign language practice meets gaming fun in Social Virtual Reality!

  • Language tandem in form of interactive, cooperative puzzle-solving in a virtual environment
  • Fun and language contact by trying new technology in avatar form
  • Discovering a new learning environment and intercultural communication situation
  • No prior technical knowledge required 
  • Instructions are given by project staff and assistants 


Nicola Hoppe



Telephone: +49 5121 883-30706
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Room: L 110 - Altbau Bühler-Campus
Consultation time: nach Vereinbarung in https://bbb.uni-hildesheim.de/b/nic-tae-d3t-lhb
Homepage: https://www.uni-hildesheim.de/en/fb3/institute/ikk/mitglieder/hoppe/ Homepage
Buddy Program: looking for volunteers!

For the buddy program, the International Office is looking for students that can help international exchange students for the winter and summer semesters!

Here is some brief information about what such support should include:

Ideally, the support begins already before the student arrives in Hildesheim, from exchanging Emails to the reception in Hildesheim:

  • Picking up from the main train station
  • Bringing to the accommodation
  • Organizing the key to the accommodation before the arrival

It is practically an introductory help (where is the nearest supermarket, getting a telephone number, nightlife tips). However, it is of course desirable that you keep in contact with your buddy during the semester. 

Participation in this program is especially interesting for the local students that plan to spend a semester abroad. Here you can already collect contacts with international students, get information about partner universities, and improve your language knowledge. 

This program can also be credited by the ZIKK (Certificate for intercultural communication and competence).

Important: In the winter semester the exchange students arrive at the end of September/beginning of October and in the summer semester at the end of March/beginning of April, since our introduction days always start 1-2 weeks before the beginning of classes. Therefore you should be in Hildesheim during this period so you can receive your Buddy.

If you would like to help an exchange student, then you can register in this form for the Buddy Program. We will try to find someone for your chosen language. 1 to 2 months before the semester begins, you will receive an email with the information about your exchange student and their accommodation. Please get in contact with them as soon as possible. 

Buddy Program: Feedbacks

Maja: I take part in the buddy program because I would like to make life and arrival a little easier for the incoming students and I know myself how difficult it is when you are in another country and are supposed to study there and do not know your way around at all. I did a semester abroad in Marseille / France myself and had to fight my way through my problems on my own. It was sometimes quite complicated to understand the French system. You do not go to a lecturer with some questions, you rather ask your friends. Since I did not know anyone at the beginning, I believe that everything would have been a lot easier with a buddy partner, Click here to read the interview.

Marie-Louise & Maja

International Writing Partnership

The goal of the International Writing Partnership is the same as by Language Tandem: to improve the language competence and stimulate the intercultural exchange.

The difference is that in this program the groups are composed of three people, in which one of them is a student of teaching. They are there to acompany the language learning process.

The target group is therefore full time and exchange students, that want to improve their writing and cultural competences in a foreign language outside of the classroom, as well as students of the Education Bachelor German and English.

You can find more about the International Writing Partnership here (in German). This program was marked in 2011 with the European Language Seal.

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Your contact for Language Tandem and Buddy Program

Bettina Kroppach



Telephone: +49 5121 883-92008
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Room: N 248 - Forum - Hauptcampus
Consultation time: Sprechstunde: Di und Do 10-12 Uhr (digital in BBB oder in Präsenz) - Nur nach Anmeldung in der Learnwebgruppe "Incomings"