Teaching Assistant in Thessaloniki

Monday, 17. March 2014 um 09:22 Uhr

Lehramt, Erziehungswissenschaften

Institution: 105th Primary School of Thessaloniki

Bereich: Schule


The assistant will be involved mainly in environmental education, foreign languages, Mathematics and extra-curricular activities.

He/she might supervise a class for a short period of time if a teacher needs to make a trip to the office, work with the students in most need of attention in the classroom, give them extra time and attention that might be difficult to provide when a class is large or class abilities exhibit extraordinary range, or to work with a single student, usually one with significant behavioral issues or disabilities. He/she will assist teachers in the management of pupils and the classroom acting as a support in many cases and contributing to the delivery of teaching and tutorials providing personal academic support and mentoring for groups of students.

The assistant will make a presentation of his/her country, regarding the education system, the culture, the social life etc. to our school community (teachers, parents, pupils).

Our school is quite large, so the assistantship will not be shared with other institutions even though the assistant can visit neighboring schools and or other educational institutions on his/her willing.

The assistant will have the opportunity to teach /present some elements of his/her culture and mother tongue to our pupils.

Voraussetzungen: sehr gutes Englisch

Dauer: 3-6 Monate

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