Sprachassistenz in St. Georgen

Monday, 03. February 2014 um 14:39 Uhr

English Applied Linguistics

Schule: Neue Mittelschule St.Georgen/ Stiefing

Bereich: Sprachassistenz

Aufgaben: The main commitment should be the communication in language education. An assistant should help language teachers and class teachers to teach English, especially oral communication. Also in geography, art and culture, environment or sports are interesting topics for our school due to the aptitude and knowledge of the assistant.
We can offer the possibility to take part in all school events at school but also in projects like sport weeks.
Our primary school is also interested to work with an assistant.

Voraussetzungen: Englisch

Dauer: 6.10.14-30.6.15

Deadline: 27.06.14

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