Sprachassistenz in Córdoba

Friday, 19. July 2013 um 08:55 Uhr

IIM, IKÜ, Lehramt/Englisch

Einrichtung: Maecenas Educación y Cultura, Córdoba

Bereich: Sprachassistenz


The work of the student will be to assist the German and English teachers in the class, helping them to develop new activities, organising extracurricular activities like Drama or Christmas markets. Once the student has been working with the teacher for one month, he/she will be able to prepare some lessons him/herself and to teach with the assistance of the German or English teacher.

We offer 4 different placements. 2 for English speakers and 2 for German speakers. They could be divided in two different terms with a duration of 3, 5 or six months.

Voraussetzungen: Muttersprache oder C1

Dauer: 1.9.-31.1., 1.2.-25.6.

Sonstiges: Taschengeld

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