Marketing in den Niederlanden

Friday, 14. June 2013 um 11:47 Uhr

IIM, aber auch andere

Kleine Weiterleitung:


I am Mari Carmen, responsible for recruit students and interns in order to be part of a young and international team.

We are part of an innovation business in the south of Netherlands, in which the science and the sport mixed to develop products and services. Our aim is to create an international team in order to expand our business and to create possibilities for young people trough an enthusiastic and creative environment.

At the moment we are focus in Equana®, a healthy horse drink that provides quicker natural recovery after a big effort. We are working on the strategy to introduce the product in the European market.

This is the reason why we would like to contact with German students who come here to do an internship financed by some European or national programme such us Leonardo Da Vinci, Erasmus Entrepreneurs, or another kind of grant to allow them to do the internship period.

The profiles we are looking for are Sales, Business, Marketing, etc., but mainly, we are looking for an entrepreneurial spirit and with a dynamic and enthusiastic personality.

Because of the fact we are beginning we can’t pay to the students for their internship. However, if the students have the right abilities to carry out their jobs properly, with a future and an entrepreneurial vision, we will have them into account in order to be part of our international team, that’s why our main objective is to distribute Equana®, around the world.

At the same time we don’t require a specific period to start and to finish the internship. It will depend on the period which the students arrange the programme (or grant).

In addition, we will help the interns to find accommodation and transport.

I attach you a graphic of our innovation business.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Mari Carmen Masegosa 

Responsible Business Innovation

Phone: +31 (0)492 347 896