Fußballpraktikum in Debrecen

Wednesday, 23. April 2014 um 10:15 Uhr


Anbieter: Youth Football Academy, Debrecen, Ungarn

Bereich: Sport

Aufgaben: As a coach for the rising stars of the future, you'll be responsible for leading training sessions on all aspects of football and will be given the opportunity to develop your own coaching ability in an intensive setting. Each week, dedicated time will be provided for classroom-based learning to take place. The technical director for the club you are working with will evaluate your work through video analysis and provide seminar sessions to help develop your coaching ability. You'll then have the opportunity to reinforce this theoretical learning by applying the knowledge which has been worked on during your practical coaching time in the following sessions.


- P.E.; Sport Coaching; Physiotherapist; Sport Management; Recreation;
- 1 completed semester
- Love Football!
- Passion and enthusiasm for youth development
- Able to provide a clean criminal background check
- Hold a valid passport
- Football Background

Dauer: flexibel, 2-12 Monate zwischen Februar und November 2014

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