Englischlehrer in Portugal

Tuesday, 25. June 2013 um 13:23 Uhr

IIM, IKÜ, English Applied Linguistics

Einrichtung: Universidade de Évora, Portugal

Bereich: Sprachlehrer


The aim of this placement is to provide the opportunity of teaching English as a foreign language to adult professionals, e.g.nursing teachers/researchers and administrative staff, in an institution of higher education whose main language is Portuguese. These professionals need to learn English for the eventual use in teaching lectures and for administrative contacts outside Portugal.
We hope to create two groups of approximately 15 individuals at a Beginner level (A1/A2) and an Intermediate level (B1/B2). The objective of the lessons is to have the students develop their knowledge of English so they can proceed to the next level on the European Self Assessment Grid.
The lessons must encourage students to communicate with each other, using the structures and specific vocabulary they have learned and to improve the four basic language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Activities may include:
• Group management, planning, preparing and providing lessons to the identified groups, especially Nursing teachers.
• Preparing and setting tests, examination papers and exercises.
• Marking and providing appropriate feedback on oral and written work.
• Devising, writing and producing new materials.
• Attending and contributing to training sessions.
Lessons should emphasize role-playing and dialogue, but more formal exercises, language games and literature are also important.
The lessons will be supervised by an English Teacher of the Department of Linguistics and Literatures of the University of Évora.

Voraussetzungen: sehr gutes Englisch

Dauer: ab 10.2.14, etwa 4,5 Monate

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