Assistant Teacher in Budapest

Tuesday, 25. March 2014 um 09:38 Uhr

Lehramt, Erziehungswissenschaften etc.

Schule: Pestszentimrei Ady Endre Általános Iskola, Budapest

Aufgaben: We would like to welcome an assistant who is able to teach pupils in/into German language. Primarily we prefer a native German speaker assistant who can give us a hand by improving pupil’s foreign-language skills both oral and written. As we are applying for international projects (Erasmus+ K2), probably will our assistant take part in tasks in connection with it. He/she will teach some groups with 10-14 years old pupils. The assistant can be from any other countries with German studies

Voraussetzungen: sehr gutes Deutsch, möglichst auch gutes Englisch

Dauer: ab 1.10.14, 20-30 Wochen

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