Online application for PROMOS

Promos is a funding program for self-organized stays abroad worldwide through a DAAD project grant funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

In principle, this includes all stays abroad outside of Erasmus+.

Unlike Erasmus+ study stays, where exchange place and scholarship are bounded, Promos is only about the financing. The study or internship place must be organized by yourself.

The advantage: You are free in your plans and can have your individual project supported. The disadvantage: You usually have more organizational work.

Applications are possible until 15.01. or 15.06. of each year.



Who can apply?

The partial scholarships (up to six months) are intended for qualified students from the 3rd semester (at the start of the stay abroad) of all disciplines.

Attention. You must be enrolled at the university for the period in which you complete the stay abroad!

How to apply?

Please fill out the application form below. You will then receive a registration email for the Mobility portal, in which you still need to complete some data and upload a photo. Then you can print the form and submit it with the documents mentioned below.

Before submitting the application to the IO, you should discuss it with a mentor (a local lecturer) who will accompany the stay abroad, e.g. by ensuring recognition. He/she should especially read through and discuss the letter of motivation with you and must sign the application before it is submitted.

The chosen mentor must be a member of the teaching staff of the University of Hildesheim, he/she must not only have a teaching position!

Please sign the form, obtain the mentor's signature, and submit it with the following documents to the IO (Room N 251) by January 15 for the first half of the calendar year and by June 15 for the second half of the calendar year.

Please make single-sided (no double-sided!) printouts, do not staple them, and follow the order requested on the application form. You will make our job much easier!

You can also submit the application electronically. Please then combine all documents in the correct order in one file.

If this is not possible due to the size, please number the files in the appropriate order and give them the correct name

  • Application form
  • Presentation of the project
  • Confirmation of the internship place or the university you are studying at, with exact dates of stay and, in case of internships, the tasks and whether you will be paid or not
  • for theses: Confirmation of the local supervisor / the supervisor as well as the foreign institution where one writes the work
  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form
  • Transcript of Records (confirmed by the examination office)
  • DAAD for for proof of language skills in the host country (the pdf is in Germany) or similar proof
  • Certificate of enrollment for the current semester and the semester abroad (the latter can be submitted later)
  • Proof of social volunteering, if applicable (only social commitment within the last three years applies)

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, applications may be submitted digitally!
Please send them via email to Daniela Puhrsch

I STRONGLY recommend all applicants to submit their applications early and in person, so that we can review them together and I can point out any deficiencies in time!

Please also note that the mentor's signature is not equivalent to a scholarship commitment. The decision on the scholarship award is made by the Senate Commission for Sponsorship Affairs (Senatskommission für Förderangelegenheiten).

IMPORTANT for applicants applying for the second half of the year:

The minimum duration of the project indicated below must be fulfilled by 31.12.!

Example: An internship abroad is planned from mid-November to mid-January of the following year. Then it must start in November so that at least 6 weeks are still "covered" in the current year.

Attention: We always sponsor with promos only until 31.12. of a year!

What criteria are used to select the applicants?

Applicants are selected by the Senate Commission on Advancement Affairs. Criteria for selection are (in order of weighting):

  •     project presentation
  •     academic achievements
  •     social commitment
  •     sufficient language skills

The following scholarships are available

Scholarships for study abroad (1 to 6 months)

Short-term scholarships as well as scholarships for study stays of up to one semester are eligible for funding. The amount of the scholarship installments or travel allowances depends on the respective destination country. Tuition fees cannot be covered.

Study visits to universities within Europe cannot be funded.

Stays abroad to write final theses (1 to 6 months)

Funding is available for both short-term scholarships and scholarships of up to one semester for study visits at universities or in businesses. The amount of the scholarship installments or travel allowances depends on the respective destination country. Tuition fees cannot be covered.

Stays at ERASMUS partner universities cannot be funded.

Internships abroad (6 weeks to 6 months)
Language courses (3 weeks to 6 weeks)

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