Courses and ECTS


An overview of courses (in German).

An overview of courses in English.


General information on ECTS

ECTS means European Credit Transfer System.

This system was developed by the EU Commission in order to give students a guarantee that the grades received at a partner university will be recognized by the home university and vice versa. ECTS is mostly based on so-called credits: 60 credits can be acquired in each academic year. The credits represent the work done for individual courses or a group of courses with the relevant tests, examinations, projects etc. 

Here you can find more specific information about how many credits you can get.

German System of Grades

German System of Grades ECTS-Grade Description
1,0 A Excellent
1,7 B Very good
2,3 C Good
3,0 D Satisfactory
3,7 E Sufficient
4,7 FX Not Sufficient – some more work required before the credit can be awarded
5,0 F Not Sufficient – considerable further work is required

Registration for courses and achievements/exams

You will register online in two steps for your courses and achievements/exams at the POS system of the University of Hildesheim.

After your enrollment which will take place during the Introduction Days in autumn (winter semester) or spring (summer semester) you can register online for your courses. After several weeks you will register in a second step for your achievements and exams.

Please find detailled information here.


Transcript of Records

Please register online in the POS system for the seminars and courses for which you need ECTS credits and grades. Once your teachers and lecturers have entered the grades and your Transcript of Records is complete, you can print it out. Either your departmental coordinator or the International Office can sign and stamp it. Please hand in a copy of the signed transcript at the International Office.

In case your transcript could only be completed after your departure, please send it to your departmental coordinator or the International Office via email (PDF file). We will send the signed document via e-mail or to your home address.

If you have any questions concerning ECTS credits and grades, please contact your departmental coordinator or the lecturer!