You will be asked on the application form for your preferences with regard to accommodation in Hildesheim. The International Office will do all it can to help all official exchange students to find a place to live which meets their requirements as far as possible. All rooms that we can arrange for you cost a maximum of € 290 per month, are furnished and are not far away from the University (at the most 20 minutes by bus).


There are 3 different options to choose from:

1. Halls of residence
These are buildings where only students live. The halls are run by organizations to which you pay your rent. Depending on the hall of residence you choose, you will be sharing a kitchen and a bathroom with between 3 and 12 other students. More information:

2. Private communal flats
Like at the halls of residence, you will live with other students (usually between 2 and 5) and share a kitchen and bathroom with them. These flats are privately run and the rent is paid to the landlord. The rooms are usually offered by German students who are attending a university abroad themselves. This arrangement is known as "Zwischenmiete" or subletting.

3. Deposits
It is usual in Germany to ask for a deposit when renting out a room or flat. This is usually equivalent to about one monthly rent and it is returned to you if you leave the room in perfect condition when you move out.