The University of Hildesheim has four main faculties:

  • Faculty 1 Educational and Social Studies
  • Faculty 2 Cultural Studies and Aesthetic Communication
  • Faculty 3 Information and Communication Studies
  • Faculty 4 Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Economics and Informatics


These four faculties make up the unmistakable profile of the University of Hildesheim among the German universities. Hildesheim with its about 7,000 students is one of the smallest of the total of eight universities in Lower Saxony. In contrast to the large ones, the University of Hildesheim allows students to complete a qualified degree program in an environment on a human scale. It is flexible with regard to the demands made on up-to-date university training and has made a name for itself by introducing new degree programmes such as Scenic Arts, International Communication and Translating as well as Information Management and Information Technology.

The University of Hildesheim is young, dynamic and innovative. It allows students to acquire key qualifications and attend courses from neighbouring disciplines.

An overview over all degree programmes offered at the University of Hildesheim can be found here.