How to get to Hildesheim and to the university

Ask a travel agency at home how to get to Hildesheim. If you can’t find a direct connection, try Hannover. This is the next largest city and there are good bus and railway connections to Hildesheim from there. There are various ways of getting to Hildesheim:


By bus / Europe bus
If you come by bus, you will probably arrive at the Central Bus Station (Zentraler Omnibus Bahnhof or "ZOB"), close to the Central Station (Hauptbahnhof) in Hannover. The best way to get to Hildesheim from there is by rail (Deutsche Bahn). There is an hourly rail service to Hildesheim. Ask at the information office or at the ticket office for the platform from which the train for Hildesheim leaves. This information can also be found on the timetables posted in the railway station (Abfahrt = Departures) and in the Internet under


By rail
Coming by rail is similar to coming by bus. If you can’t get a through train to Hildesheim, Hannover Central Station (Hannover Hauptbahnhof) is the best place to come to, and you can get a connection to Hildesheim from there as described above.


By plane
The nearest airport is Hannover (in the Langenhagen district). The best way to get from the airport to Hildesheim is to go to Hannover Central Station by S-Bahn and travel on to Hildesheim from there (see above).


By car
Hildesheim is on the A7 motorway (Hamburg – Hannover - Würzburg) about 30 km south of Hannover: leave at the Hildesheim exit and follow the signs to the University.

How to get to the University of Hildesheim

Here you can find information on how to get to the University, its different locations etc.

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