2.5 Living costs in Germany

Living costs

At this point we would like to give you some advice on about how much money you will be needing in Germany. As a general rule, you will require about € 600 per month to live on. From this you can pay your rent, food and other everyday items.

In your first month in Hildesheim in particular, you will definitely be needing more than this (approx. € 800 – 900), for you will have to pay for several things as quickly as possible after your arrival:

  • The first month’s rent (a maximum of € 290)
  • A deposit for the room if necessary (usually approx. one month’s rent)
  • Enrolment fees (approx. € 260)
  • Various personal items such as a bicycle, a television set, money for days out, books etc.
  • Approx. € 50 - 60 for the intensive course in German held at the beginning of the semester.


Please bear these costs in mind when planning your finances at home and think about the best way to transfer your money to Germany. Ask your bank if there are fees for transfering money to a German bank account or for drawing money at a cash point. You should also consider getting a credit card and/or opening an online bank account.