Application and Requirements


Language requirements: Incomings should speak German at B1 or English at B2 level!

Health insurance: To study at a German university, it is absolutely necessary for you to present valid proof that you have statutory health insurance. If you are covered under EU regulations, please make sure you bring your international health insurance card with you. If you can provide proof of this kind, you have sufficient health insurance in Germany. Students from Turkey are sufficiently insured with the A/T 11 document.

If you come from a country which is not part of the EU social insurance agreement, you should take out statutory health insurance for your study visit in Germany. If you are older than 30 years, there is a special provision.


Application process

Hand in your application for one of the exchange places to the international office of your university. Your home university will nominate you and you will receive an email with the link to our online application form.

Note: An early application will increase your chances to get a furnished accommodation via the International Office!



Online Nomination (by the home university):

Winter semester or Winter + Summer semester: 15 May

Summer semester: 15 November


Online Application (by students):

Winter semester and Winter + Summer semester: 30 May

Summer semester: 30 November


After completing the online application, please send it to us with two photos of you.


Winter semester and full year students: June 15th

Summer semester: December 15th


Before applying, please consider carefully whether you really want this stay abroad and whether it is feasible in view of your study results. Each later cancellation means a lot of trouble for the International Office of the University of Hildesheim, so please notify us as quickly as possible (by phone or e-mail) if you can’t come to Hildesheim for any reason.