Living and studying in Hildesheim

What can you study in Hildesheim?

Please inform yourself before your application whether the degree programmes you prefer are offered in Hildesheim or not. For an up-to-date summary of the degree programmes offered, please go here. Here you will also find the contacts to get in touch with if you have any questions on the content of the programmes.

If you are also interested in the degree programmes offered in Germany as a whole, the following websites will give you more information, particularly on where you can study what:

Please also note that first-year students can generally only start to study at the University of Hildesheim in the winter semester (in October). The application deadline for undergraduate degree programmes is 15 July of each year.

Financial requirements

Before you start your studies in Germany, it is very important for you to make a realistic estimate of your financial resources. You will have to convince the German embassy or consulate and the aliens department that you have the necessary means to cover your living costs for the duration of your stay.

At the moment the average cost of living for students in Hildesheim is about 600 € per month. Please also note that the enrolment fees currently amount to approximate 220 € per semester (including the so-called "Semesterticket" which allows you to use public transport free of charge). In addition students will be charged tuition fees of 800 € per semester.


Students from other countries are only permitted to work 180 half days or 90 whole days. This will only allow you to earn a fraction of the living costs you require.

The University of Hildesheim is unfortunately not able to grant scholarships.


In Hildesheim you have the possibility to stay in a dormitory or in private flats.

You have to apply for a room directly in the residence.

Please learn more about the dormitories in the following text:

1. Katholisches Wohnheim (KHG)

Rooms at KHG student hall are single rooms with a size of 16 - 26 m². Although the rooms are not quite large, they have a few extras that make them pretty attractive compared to a regular flat:

  •  rooms have a wardrobe and a sink, some rooms are fully furnished and have a sink
  •  free internet access (all you need for your computer are a regular network card and -cable)
  •  a private phone line can be installed on demand
  •  monthly fee is

   16 m² room : 187 €
   20 m² room : 214 €
   25 m² room : 240 €
   26 m² room : 246 €
 plus costs for heating and electricity for your room (ca. 30 Euro/month)

2. Ev. Studentwohnheim (Alpha Immobilien)

3. Studentenwerk OstNiedersachsen

For a room in the student residence you have to apply online:
Please select on page 3 of the online application: “program AKA HI”

In all student residences you have to share kitchen and bathroom with other students, but you always have a single room.
There is no bedspread and no bed clothes in the rooms. Please keep this in mind and bring e.g. a sleeping bag with you.

4. Apartme

You have to apply for a room directly in the residence.

There are also some room offers in private flats. Here are some links:   (Zimmer frei in Hildesheim)