Since the summer semester 2006, the University of Hildesheim has had all applications checked for completeness by uni-assist e.V., the Work and Service Point for International Applications. This means that you must send your applications not directly to the University of Hildesheim but to the following address instead:

(Universität Hildesheim)
c/o uni-assist e.V.
11507 Berlin

If you mail service does not accept the address above, please send your documents to uni-assist e.V., Geneststrasse 5, 10829 Berlin instead.

Uni-assist cannot process your application until you have paid the necessary processing fee:

  • For one application or for the first of several applications, a fee of Euro 75
  • For each additional application made to another university, all applicants are charged Euro 15 per university

If you have further questions about uni-assist, the payment or other things, have a look at www.uni-assist.de.