go for IQ - Intercultural Qualification of the International Office

Hello you! You are interested in intercultural topics because you ...

  • Want to go abroad for an internship or a semester?
  • Because you are an international exchange student or an international full-time student?
  • Because you want to support an international student?
  • Because you have different cultural backgrounds yourself?
  • Because you are at the end of your studies and want to work internationally?
  • Would you like to work as an intercultural trainer?
  • Because you work or will work with people from other cultures - be it with students, refugees, people with a migration background, international customers and colleagues?
  • Because you are simply interested in the variety of intercultural topics?

No matter what your reasons are, we have the right workshop for you!

Intercultural Workshops:

For further information about the Intercultural Workshops and the currently scheduled dates for the Winter Semester 2020/21 please check the LSF under the event number 0111.

Who we are? 

Three persons are currently working in the team: Nora Jasna Müller (Bachelor Kulturwissenschaften und ästhetische Praxis), Luca Clauss-Beggerow (Master SWIKK) und the project coordinator Carmen Muntel.

You want to participate?

With pleasure! For each winter semester, we are looking for peer tutors who would like to help shape and hold the intercultural training. If you are interested, just contact us (intkult@uni-hildesheim.de) and we will send you more information!


Intercultural Workshops

News: Intercultural Short Series (Jan - March 21)

NEW in the winter semester 20/21!

The Intercultural Short Series (klick for flyer) are open to all members of the University of Hildesheim!

In three hours each we will have a look at different intercultural topics. The series will take place every semester.

The Intercultural Short Series take place via BigBlueButton: https://bbb.uni-hildesheim.de/b/car-4ty-qrr

The registration takes place via the LSF (current winter semester - event number 0111, group 8) or via the registratoin form on this site.

// NOTE: The workshops will be held either in German or in English. //

The attendance of a workshop can be credited with 0,5 ECTS. In case needed, please write us at:



Intercultural Short Series - Workshop in English:

Discussing Cultural Differences - Influence Factor Subculture (English)

Thursday, 25.02.21 from 16:00 - 19:00 with Carmen Muntel and the go for IQ Team (International Office), LSF-group 8


Let's meet Subcultures! Are we as different as we think? It's time not to discuss about each other but among each other. A Workshop for discussion and exchange open to all members of the University. Students, PhD and employees are welcome to this interactive Workshop!



There is a lot more waiting for you! For detailed information about the Intercultural Workshops and the currently scheduled dates for the Winter Semester 2020/21 please check out the LSF under the event number 0111 and the different groups.

Certificate for Intercultural Communication und Competence - ZiKK


The Certificate for Intercultural Communication and Competence (ZiKK) is an extra-curricular offer directed at all students of the University of Hildesheim. The certificate recognises the reflection of experiences and commitment in the field of intercultural communication, which is one of the central prerequisites for the development of intercultural competence. The ZiKK is based on the proof of accomplishments which are achieved in addition to the regular requirements of the respective course of study within the period of study.


The ZiKK is made up of three components, within the framework of which individual focal points of interest can be set:

  1. Intercultural experiences: The intercultural experience to be proven for the ZiKK can be gained through study-related stays abroad or in language courses in Germany and abroad.
  2. Intercultural commitment: Intercultural commitment means being involved in the mentoring of international students, participating in internationally or interculturally oriented student initiatives or introducing the University of Hildesheim to a partner university during a semester abroad.
  3. Intercultural Reflection: The reflection of experiences and commitment is again carried out in the intercultural training modules offered by the International Office within the framework of the interdisciplinary key competencies.

A control slip (Laufzettel) serves as proof of the services rendered. Laufzettel - ZiKK

Print out the document and please give as much information as possible about the achievements which you would like to have credited to the ZiKK.

If you have any questions about the ZIKK, please come to our office in room N 245 or write to: interkulturell@uni-hildesheim.de

Elective component 1: Intercultural experience 0-50%

  • Study abroad of at least 3 months duration (50%)
  • Internship abroad of at least 2 months duration (50%)
  • Participation in the International Writing Partnerships (ISP) for 1 semester (15%)
  • Participation in the language tandem for 1 semester (15%)
  • Language course abroad (20-30h = 15%)
  • Language course in Germany (20-30h = 10%)
  • Comparable experience after consultation with the person responsible for certificates

Elective component 2: Intercultural Commitment 0-50%

  • Participation in Erasmus Student Network (ESN-Hildesheim) for 1 semester (max. 20%)
  • Participation as Peer Tutor at go for IQ for 1 semester (max. 30%)
  • Mentoring in the Buddy Program for 1 semester (25%)
  • Participation in the Go Out Day and/or information events of the International Office (10%)
  • Presentation of the University of Hildesheim at the host university abroad (10%)
  • Blog on experiences abroad for publication on the International Office website (10%)
  • Comparable forms of commitment after consultation with the certificate authorities

Compulsory component 3: Intercultural reflection 50%

  • 2-day intercultural workshop (25%)
  • Preparation of a portfolio for intercultural self-reflection (PiKK) during the stay abroad (studies/internship) (25%)
  • Comparable competences after consultation with the persons responsible for the certificate


Further information and registration

You are welcome to make inquiries regarding the ZiKK by e-mail: interkulturell@uni-hildesheim.de

Portfolio for Intercultural Communication und Competence - PiKK

The Portfolio for Intercultural Communication and Competence (PiKK) is part of the extra-curricular offer of the University of Hildesheim. The PiKK is prepared as part of the Certificate for Intercultural Communication and Competence (ZiKK).

Participation is open to students of all courses of study at the University of Hildesheim. The only requirement is that the E-Portfolio is assessed DURING a study-related stay abroad (semester abroad, internship abroad) of at least 3 months duration.