International studenst and their personal experiences at the University of Hildesheim

Maria Elena Camacho-Mohr from Mexico/Guatemala, International Information Management (IIM), alumna

"My main subject was Applied Linguistics and my language combination was English, Spanish and Portuguese. My minor subjects were Media Studies and Political Sciences.

My studies were enriched by an invaluable work placement in the field of cultural management at "transeuropa 2003" in Hildesheim, where I worked as assistant to the artistic management and in production management. I appreciated the opportunity it gave me to work in an international environment and get to know the methods of organizational and intercultural communication.

I liked the personal atmosphere at the University of Hildesheim – you just don't get that at larger universities. I was soon accepted by my German co-students and quickly became completely integrated into university life. It made me feel like I had been living in Germany all my life! The many interesting cultural events and the parties held by the various different students' councils of the university meant I had a lot of fun in my leisure time here too. What I like about Hildesheim as a place is the combination of the old town with its history and culture and the modern city with all the opportunities it offers for shopping as well as a number of cafés with a very relaxing atmosphere. Also, when studying gets too stressful, I very much enjoy the beautiful nature to be found close to the university and the town.

I don't regret any of the experiences my studies in Hildesheim brought me - my time here has changed me for good. Now I don't just feel like a Mexican, a Guatemalian and a Latin American but also as a Hildesheimer, a German and a European. Really intercultural in other words – just what IIM is all about!"

Brinda Nandakumar from Sri Lanka, International Technical Communication (IFK)

"I have been studying International Technical Communication with the languages English and French here since October 2002. My science subjects are electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. During my studies I did a work placement in Lyon in France, where I was put in charge of technical translations. The Knowledge Transfer Office at the University of Hildesheim helped me most of all when looking for a work placement.

What I particularly like about the University of Hildesheim is the fact that it is not all that big, so it's quite easy to find your way around. It means you keep on meeting co-students you know, and even the professors know you by name. I found the course in International Technical Communication particularly interesting because not many universities are offering it."

Katja Kazyanskaya from Russia International Communication and Translating (IKÜ)

"I study International Communication and Translating with the languages English and Spanish and with computer technology as an applied subject.

I like the course of studies and the university very much - the atmosphere here is very friendly as the university is quite small and you soon know a lot of people by name. I am particularly enthusiastic about the fact that English and Spanish are taught by native speakers. I am very fond of the lecturers because they are not only good experts but friendly, helpful people too."

Irina Shurko from Russia, doctoral candidate

"I come from Saint Petersburg, the Russian "Venice of the North". I have been doing a doctorate here in Hildesheim with Professor Silvio Vietta for a year now. I am examining the light imagery of the German Romantic poet Novalis. I am happy to be here because I am receiving excellent support from a well-known expert on Romanticism.

Another important thing for me is the fact that the university as a whole is very lively and creative. They say that this is the only place in Germany where you can do cultural studies in theory and practice. That is why a very large amount of students make a point of coming to Hildesheim, and this in turn gives the town such a unique atmosphere. They have to fight to come here, so these "KuWis" (or students of cultural studies) are the best there are. I find that inspiring.

It's never boring in Hildesheim because of all the student projects (photography, drama etc.), and there is always something happening at the Löseke 'Culture Factory'. In addition, the town is right in the centre of Germany and it doesn't take long to get to Berlin or Cologne. Hannover or Braunschweig are even closer still – and what's more, you can get there for nothing (the students' ticket is a great help here)."

Martina Toncheva from Bulgaria, Educational Psychology

"I knew that I wanted to study either psychology (in the field of children and young people) or social pedagogy. I found my dream course via the website of the University of Hildesheim in the Internet: Educational Psychology. The B.A. course is unique and still very new – they have only been offering it at the University of Hildesheim for a short time now. The varied combination of subjects in the course as well as the wide variety of professional opportunities open to graduates played an important part in my decision to study at the University of Hildesheim. The university is very nice and very cosy. The people are very friendly and helpful and, most importantly of all: I really enjoy studying here."

Ying Wang from China, Social and Organizational pedagogy

"I worked as a teacher in China. I had some problems with social work as well as a few organizational problems at the time, and I wasn't able to solve them with the knowledge and experience available to me. Then I decided I wanted to study social and organizational pedagogy in Germany, at the University of Hildesheim.

Studying in Hildesheim is really worthwhile – I have acquired a lot of important knowledge and experience here. After finishing my studies I'd like to work as an expert for intercultural communication and counselling in the educational, cultural or economic field.

The University of Hildesheim is a university with a cultural atmosphere. All of the lecturers and students here are nice and friendly. Their smiles gave me encouragement and their help gave me support. Thank you for everything!"

Wissam Tawileh from Syria, Information Management and Information Technology

"The unique internationally oriented courses of study and the combinations of subjects offered at the University of Hildesheim prepare international students for the international labour market and provide a solid foundation on which to develop high potential for global competitiveness. This is why I decided to come to Hildesheim even though I was accepted by four of the largest universities in Germany!"

Tamara Rarau from Rumania, Languages and Technology (SuT)

"I am doing an M.A. course in Languages and Technology and my languages are German, English and Spanish. I came to Germany on a DAAD scholarship and am now in my 4th semester. In Rumania, I studied Applied Linguistics with the focus on business administration and law. As a combination of (foreign) languages and technology is offered here in Germany, I was especially interested in the Languages and Technology course, and that is why I decided on the University of Hildesheim. I find studying in Hildesheim very demanding – a real challenge. I also like the very pretty old city of Hildesheim, part of which is under UNESCO protection. Another thing I especially like about the University of Hildesheim is the friendly support of the International Office and the lecturers as well as the fact that the results of my studies are accepted everywhere."

Gilbert Awassi from Benin, International Communication and Translating (IKÜ)

"I'm studying "International Communication und Translating" with the languages English and French. My minor subject is computer technology. My semester at the John Moores University in Liverpool was an important element of my studies – I was of course able to improve my knowledge of English there, but my life was also enriched by a lot of other intercultural experiences.

Previously, I was trained as a social worker in my home country Benin, after which I worked in that profession for a year. Although I am not a native speaker of German, I have to fulfil the same requirements as German students. My studies are really very enjoyable, though!"

Alice Mbango Elombat from Cameroon, International Technical Communication (IFK), alumna

"I studied International Technical Communication from 1999 to 2006. My languages were French and English and my supplementary subject was technical documentation. I found the course in International Technical Communication very interesting and I met a lot of nice people in Hildesheim. I am now working as a project manager at the Institute for Technical Literature (ITL AG) in Munich. The things that helped me to find this job were the mark I received for my degree thesis, my personality and the experience my studies and work placements gave me."

Tatiana De la Cruz from Peru, International Information Management (IIM), alumna

"Once I had finished my pre-diploma examination in Computer Studies in Peru, I felt unfulfilled by just having to do with computers and nothing else. I wanted to study languages, technology and how to get by in other cultures. After a long search, in 1998 I finally found this unique combination of subjects in the guise of the course in International Information Management at the University of Hildesheim. I went to Germany without knowing a single word of German.

The focus in my major subject was Information Studies and my minor subjects were Electrical Engineering and Media Studies. The range of international courses offered was the main reason why I went to Hildesheim to study. Hildesheim is a cosy little place – just right for students. The lecturers at the University are very international and they are very helpful too. Since April 2005, I have been working for the NEOMAN Bus (MAN AG) company in Salzgitter – first as an international consultant in the service field and, since August 2006, in strategic marketing. I want to work in different countries. My varied university training gives me a good foundation for this.

Of course, it takes a lot of effort to get by in a foreign country – especially when you have none of your friends and family around. However, I met the best girlfriend in the world in Hildesheim and studying in a foreign country is an invaluable experience!"