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Considering the current infection situation, in order to protect risk groups and to contain the further spread of the COVID-19 virus, there are currently neither on-site events nor on-site consultations at the International Office!


International Office events

Online Exhibition | 26.04.2021

Date: 18.11.2020, 5 p.m.

Who? Exchange Students/International Degree Seeking Students

In Germany, every year in November people take a walk with a lantern. This year, however, it cannot take place in the usual form. Nevertheless we would like to craft lanterns together with you! Please register here.

If you want to learn more about this custom, we can recommend this article. Unfortunately it is only available in German.  

Game Night | 27.04.2021
Surprise Event | 30.04.2021
Application for Work - Workshop in English
Praktika und Jobs: "Erfahrungsberichte zu Praktika/Jobsuche: von Studierenden für Studierende

Passed events

International Dinner | 24.04.2021
Online Visit of the European Parliament | 23.04.2021

Date: 24.04.2021, 5 p.m.

Cook a delicious, Syrian meal with Laila! Ingredients will be posted on Facebook.


Dawid-Projekt | 22.04.2021
Consultation Hour: LSF, timetable | 21.04.2021
Uni-Get together | 20.04.2021
Online Visit of the Memorial of the Murdered Jews of Europe | 19.04.2021
Powerpoint Karaoke | 16.04.2021
Registration at the City - Group 2 | 16.04.2021
Consultation Hour: LSF, timetable | 14.04.2021
Game Night | 13.04.2021
Uni Quiz | 10.04.2021
Interdisciplinary Workshop | 10.04.2021
Intercultural Training Welcome on Board | 09.04.2021
Interdisciplinary Workshop | 09.04.2021
Registration at the city - Group 1 | 09.04.2021
Online-Pub Quiz with Matti Müller | 08.04.2021
Consultation Hour: LSF, timetable | 08.04.2021
Dawid-Projekt | 08.04.2021
ESN Event | 07.04.2021
Consultation Hour: LSF, timetable | 07.04.2021
Introduction: Learnweb and LSF | 07.04.2021
Coffee Break with Anna Pulm: Ask questions about studying | 07.04.2021
Information Session for international Students | 06.04.2021
Welcome Event „Digital Get Together”| 06.04.2021
Presentation of the Student Initiatives ESN, ASta, IQ etc| 06.04.2021
Information Session for Data Analytics Students |06.04.2021
Information Event for the new Exchange Students | 07.04.2021
Welcoming the new Incomings | 06.04.2021
Easter Workshop | 01.04.2021

Date: 01.04.2021, 11 a.m.

At our Easter workshop, you will learn why Easter is celebrated and what kind of traditions exist in Germany. In addition, you can make beautiful Easter decorations with our WiN tutors and thus get in the mood for the upcoming holidays.

Introduction: Learnweb and LSF | 29.03.2021