Buddy Programme/Sprachtandems

Language Tandem

The Language Tandem consists of two people with different first languages who will help each other to learn each other’s language. Both of the participants profit from this partnership. The tandem partners decide themselves what and how they would like to learn. This program doesn’t give credits or certificates.

With Tandem you will see the possibility of communicating in a foreign language and learning a lot about its culture. 

The structure of the meetings is left to the Tandenpartners. You could use it for example to:

  • Discuss a previously arranged theme (from a news article etc.) to improve the oral competence
  • Practice grammar and vocabulary
  • Prepare for tests

Or also to:

  • Watch a movie in one of the foreign languages (with or without subtitles)
  • Help each other with homework
  • Cook a traditional meal of one of the countries
  • Listen to an audiobook or read books/newspapers together

Language tandem on the University of Hildesheim is organized by the Incoming Team. You can apply for it here.

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