Online course Human Computer Interaction for students of all partner universities

Tuesday, 05. January 2021 um 11:06 Uhr

Let us keep international cooperation in teaching alive, even in this time of little mobility!

What? Online Course on Human Computer Interaction

Who? Undergraduates, students from our partner universities

When? January and February, exam in March 

Summary of the Course:

Usability requires a user-centered and task-oriented design of information systems. After considering the basic physiological and cognitive properties of humans, the formal-language, the natural-language and the graphically-direct-manipulative user interfaces (GUI) as well as design guidelines are discussed in this course. The core is the evaluation and embedding of the user perspective in the software development process. Innovative interaction approaches such as virtual worlds, avatars, social interaction and mobile systems are also part of this course.

You can find more information and details for the registration here.