7.-9. September 2023, Universität Hildesheim

Symposium of the Reinhart Koselleck-Project „Histories of Philosophy in a global Perspective“, University of Hildesheim (Germany)

organized by Anke Graness

Some Impressions from the Symposium (more in photo gallery below)

The Status of Oral Traditions in the History of Philosophy: Methodological Considerations



Registration at: koselleck@uni-hildesheim.de

- Program of the Conference -

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Speakers and Abstracts (in alphabetical order):

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Brian Burkhart (University of Oklahoma, USA): Listening to the Voices of the Land: The Intersections of Land and Orality in Indigenous Philosophy

A.-Chr. Engels-Schwarzpaul & Albert L. Refiti (Vā Moana Research Cluster, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand): Salutations to the mountain: Towards a Samoan lived philosophy of oratory, ritual practices and buildings

Edwin Etieyibo (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa): Philosophy in African Dance

Bruce B. Janz (University of Central Florida, USA): Orality as Philosophical Performance

Kai Kresse (Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient, ZMO, and Freie Universität Berlin): ‘Philosophizing as intellectual practice: the oral performance of verbal art that makes people think…’ Case studies from the Swahili context, and African Studies more widely

John Maraldo (University of North Florida, USA): Storytelling: examples of what it discloses, what it preserves, and what it conceals for histories of philosophy. A dialogue by John Maraldo and Mary Jo Maraldo

Mary-Jo Maraldo (Artist, USA): Visuality, Pure and Worded: A Dialogue of Images between Japanese Calligraphy and Modern Art

Dismas A. Masolo (University of Louisville, USA): On Record: Which Record? Whose Record? The Location of Thought and its Expressivity

Carl Mika (University of Canterbury, New Zealand): Orality and the All: Wananga and its philosophical implications

Oriare Nyarwath (University of Nairobi, Kenya): Examining the Relationship between Philosophy and Orality in African Philosophy

Gail Presbey (University of Detroit Mercy, USA): Alice Lakwena as Peace Philosopher: Her Criticisms of War and Greed

Fausto Cesar Quizhpe Gualan (Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar, Ecuador): Indigenous Philosophy: Concrete Subject, “Object”, Epistemic Situation and Method

Juul van der Laan (Independent film director and researcher, The Netherlands): Documentary "Sophie" on philosopher Sophie Bọ́sẹ̀dé Olúwọlé

Hanétha Vété-Congolo-Leibnitz (Bowdoin College, USA): Unearthing Philosophy Through African and Caribbean Philosophy: Methodological Considerations