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Research Talk Series: David H. Kim

Monday, 15. May 2023 um 17:00 Uhr

15. Mai 2023, Universität Hildesheim, online - organized by Manuel Rivera Espinoza

Research Talk Series: David H. Kim

2023, 15th May

David Kim is a professor of philosophy and an affiliate of the programs in Asian Studies, Asian American Studies, and Critical Diversity Studies. He has served in a variety of professional organizations, including chairing the American Philosophical Association Committee on Asian and Asian American Philosophers and Philosophies and co-founding the North American Korean Philosophy Association. David's work explores how our understanding of U.S. democracy is deepened through consideration of Asian American issues. His book is in progress on this theme, entitled American Xenos: Asian American Critique and the Bounds of Democracy. His research also focuses on decolonized philosophical dialogue, especially debates over the modern viability of Confucianized politics and the prospects for East-South (not just the more familiar East-West) dialogue. David also continues earlier work on the nature of emotion and its links to culture, morality, and politics.

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