Transnational Confucianism


陳烽『明清儒学と日本儒学 : 東アジア思想史の展開』(博士論文)京都、立命館大学

[FENG Chen: Confucianism of the Ming and Qing Dynasties and Japanese Confucianism: The Development of the History of East Asian Thought. (Dissertation) Kyoto: Ritsumeikan Daigaku 2001.]


黄俊傑 / 辻本雅史 編『経書解釈の思想史 : 共有と多様の東アジア』東京、ぺりかん社

[HUANG Junjie / TSUJIMOTO Masashi (ed.): History of the Interpretation of Confucian Classics: Commonality and Diversity in East Asia. Tokyo: Perikansha 2010.]


アリム・トヘテイ『日中儒学の比較思想史研究―その解体と再構築に向けて』東京、明石書店 [Table of Contents (jap.)]

[Alim Tohti Uyghur: Studies on the Comparative History of Confucian Thought in Japan and China: Towards their Deconstruction and Reconstruction. Tokyo: Akashi Shoten 2020.]