History of Philosophy in Portuguese

Reflexions about the bibliographical collections and differentiations (work in progress)

18th and 19th Century

Since the 20th Century differentiated according to:

Continents                        African Philosophy                           

                                            European / Western Philosophy                   

                                                     Ancient Philosophy     

                                                     Medieval Philosophy       

                                                     Modern Philosophy

                                            North und Latin American Philosophy                                                    

Religions                           Buddhistic Philosophy                       

                                            Other Religions             

People / Nations              Brazilian Philosophy                         

                                            Chinese Philosophy                            

                                            Portuguese Philosophy                   

                                            Other People / Nations 

Centuries                          20th Century                          

Gender                              Women in Philosophy             

Areas                                 Aesthetics



                                            Political Philosophy

                                            Philosophy of Law

                                            Other Areas

Literature compiled by Lucas dos Reis Martins