Histories of Philosophy in Spanish

Reflexions about the bibliographical collections and differentiations (work in progress)

18th - 19th Century

Since the 20th Century differentiated according to:

Continents                       African Philosophy

                                           Carribean Philosophy

                                           European / Western Philosophy

                                                        Ancient Philosophy

                                                        Medival Philosophy

                                                        Modern Philosophy

                                                        Contemporary Philosophie

                                             Oriental / Eastern Philosophy                                            

                                             Latin American Philosophy

                                             North American Philosophy

Religions                            Buddhist Philosophy

                                             Christian / Bizantine Philosophy

                                             Islamic / Arabic Philosophy

                                             Jewish Philosophy

People / Nations               Andalusian Philosophy

                                              Argentian Philosophy

                                              Bolivian Philosophy

                                              Brazilian Philosophy

                                              Chilean Philosophy

                                              Chinese Philosophy

                                              Colombian Philosophy

                                              Costa Rican Philosophy

                                              Cuban Philosophy

                                              Dominican Philosophy

                                              English Philosophy

                                              Equadorian Philosophy

                                              German Philosophy

                                              Indigenous Philosophy

                                              Indian Philosophy

                                              Japanese Philosophy                                             

                                              Mexican Philosophy

                                              Nicaraguan Philosophy

                                              Peruvian Philosophy

                                              Puerto Rican Philosophy

                                              Paraguayan Philosophy

                                              Salvadorian Philosophy

                                              Spanish Philosophy

                                              Urugayan Philosophy

                                              US-American Philosophy

                                              Venezuelan Philosophy

                                              Other People / Nations

Centuries                            19th / 20 th Century

Gender                                 Women in Philosophy

Areas                                   Aesthetics

                                              Analytic Philosophy



                                              Political Philosophy

                                              Philosophy of Law

                                              Other Areas

Literatur compiled by Francesca Greco