[Englisch 2000] 科林•布朗; 史蒂夫•威尔肯斯; 阿兰•G.帕杰特: 基督教与西方思想. 哲学家、思想与思潮的历史; 3册. 刘平 (译). 上海: 上海人民出版社. [Colin Brown; Steve Wilkens; Alan G. Padgett: Christianity and Western Thought: History of Philosophers, Thought and Zeitgeist; 3 vols. Transl. by Liu Ping. Shanghai: Shanghai Renmin Chubanshe 2017.]

Band 1: From Antiquity to the Age of Enlightenment.

Band 2: Faith and Reason in the 19th Century.

Band 3: Journey to Postmodernity in the 20th Century.