15th to 18th Century

16th Century


[greek Orig. ??] Eunapius: The Lyves Of Philosophers and Orateurs. London: Richard Iohnes 1579. [Eunapius, ca. 345-ca. 420 CE; Transl. from Lat.; Transl. into Lat. by Hadrianus Iunius Hornanus 1568] [Table of Contents] [Internet Source]

17th Century


Stanley, Thomas: The History of Philosophy, in Eight Parts. London: Humphrey Moseley and Thomas Dring 1655, 1687, 1702, 1743 . [Trans. into Latin 1711]


Stanley, Thomas: The history of the Chaldaick philosophy. London: Dring 1662. [Table of Contents] [Internet Archive]


Cudworth, Ralph: The true intellectual system of the universe: The first part wherein all the reason and philosophy of atheism is confuted and its impossibility demonstrated. London: Printed for Richard Royston 1678. [Transl. into Latin 1733] [Table of Contents] [Internet Archive]

18th Century


[Latin ????] Several Contributors: Printed for John Nicholson and Tho. Newborough. The lives of the ancient philosophers: containing an account of their several sects, doctrines, actions, and remarkable sayings: extracted from Diogenes, Laertius, Causabon, Menagius, Stanley, Gassendus, Charleton, and others, the best authors upon that subject: with an appendix containing the lives of several later philosophers not confined to particular sects: taken from Eunapius: and an account of the women philosophers, written originally in Latin by Aeg. Menagius to Madam Dacier: and an introduction representing the state of learning and philosophy in the eastern part of the world, before it flourished in Greece: illustrated with several cutts. London: printed for John Nicholson, at the King's Arms in Little Britain and Tho. Newborough at the Golden Ball in St. Paul's Church-Yard; First Edition 1702. [Table of Contents] [Internet Archive]


England, George: An enquiry into the morals of the ancients. London: Wilkins 1735. [German 1775] [Intertnet archive]


[Franz. 1760] Formey, Samuel: A concise history of philosophy and philosophers. London: Printed for F. Newbery 1766. [Table of Contents] [Internet Archive] [Transl. into German 1763]


Burnet, James, Lord Monboddo: Antient Metaphysics: or, the science of the universals, 6 vols. Edinburgh: Printed for J. Balfour and co. 1779-1799. [Table of Contents] [Internet Archive]


Anderson, Walther: The philosophy of ancient Greece investigated in its origins and Progress to the aeras of its greatest celebrity in the Ionian, Italic, and Athenian Schools. Edinburgh: Printed for William Creech 1791.

Enfield, William: The History of Philosophy, from the earliest Times to the Beginning of the present Century; drawn up from [Johann Jakob] Brucker's Historia Critica Philosophiae [1740-44], 2 Vols. London 1791, 2. Aufl. Dublin 1792, 31819, 41837. [Table of Contents] [Internet Archive]


Nisbet, Charles: The history of philosophy. Manuscript of lectures on the history of philosophy delivered by Charles Nisbet at Dickinson College, transcribed by Jesse Wharton, class of 1794.