- Wednesday, July 20th 2022 -

3:00 pm - 6:30 pm Decolonial Cultural Politics


3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Aspects of Decolonising through the Arts and Art Education

The panel discusses, reflects and experiences the approach on decolonising processes in research and teaching through the arts. We will focus on and open space on artistic ways for aspects of antiracism/whiteness/empowerment/agency/allyship/anti-oppression.



Mojisola Adebayo (London / Potsdam University)

Activating anti-racism in Classrooms, Conferences and Theatres: A Participatory Performance of "The Interrogation of Sandra Bland"

Mojisola Adebayo will introduce the play "The Interrogation of Sandra Bland" before inviting attendees to participate in this BLACK LIVES MATTER performance / ritual.


Mojisola Adebayo is a playwright, performer, director, producer, workshop facilitator, mentor and lecturer. She holds a BA in Drama and Theatre Arts, an MA in Physical Theatre and a PhD in black queer theatre (Goldsmiths, Royal Holloway and Queen Mary, University of London). Mojisola trained extensively with Augusto Boal and is a specialist in Theatre of the Oppressed. She has worked in theatre, radio and television, on four continents, over the past 25 years, performing in over 50 productions, writing, devising and directing over 30 plays, from Antarctica to Zimbabwe. Mojisola’s plays include Moj of the Antarctic: An African Odyssey (Lyric Hammersmith and Ovalhouse, London), 48 Minutes for Palestine (Ashtar Theatre and international touring), Wind / Rush Generation(s) (Royal National Theatre - Connections) and Nothello (Coventry Belgrade Theatre). Mojisola is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, an Associate Artist with various organizations including Pan Arts, Building the Anti-Racist Classroom Collective, AICRE and Black Lives, Black Words, a Visiting Artist at Goldsmiths, University of London and Rose Bruford College, where she is also an Honorary Fellow. Mojisola is also a Lecturer at Queen Mary, University of London and a Research Fellow at University Potsdam exploring environmental racism and Afriquia theatre through creative writing. Mojisola is currently a commissioned artists with Counterpoints and is a Writer-on-attachment with the Royal National Theatre. Her latest plays, STARS  (Tamasha Theatre and ICA) and also the Alfred Fagon award-winning play Family Tree (Actors Touring Company and Young Vic) open in Spring 2023.



Antje Budde (University of Toronto)

Making Visible. Listening. Touching Pain. Anti-oppressive Strategies of Building Allyship and Artistic Intelligence (A/I) in the Digital Dramaturgy Labsquared (DDL2)

Drawing on recent projects of knowledge-making -- artistic research and learning projects in the context of the Digital Dramaturgy Labsquared (DDL2) her presentation will reflect on intersectional systems of oppression, its entanglement with technologies, the arts and colonial and euro-centric histories of education and offer examples on how to bravely search for alternatives and ways of allyship based on solidarity and mutual respect.


Antje Budde is a conceptual, queer-feminist, interdisciplinary, experimental scholar/artist and the Artistic Research Director of the Digital Dramaturgy Lab_squared (DDL2). She left Germany in search of acceptable labor opportunities and found herself working and living on traditionally indigenous land in Tkaronto. While struggling with colonial legacies, Toronto is deemed to be the most multi-cultural city on the planet. Antje works as an Associate Professor at the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Toronto, specialized in applied theatre sciences, digital dramaturgy, cultural communication and integrated arts/science/technology research. Her current research project is entitled: PLAYStrong – Promoting Student Resilience through Interactive Prototypes for Embodied Self-learning. A collaboration between DDL2 and the Interactive Media Lab (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto) is in progress. Antje presents her scholarly and artistic research at interdisciplinary international festivals and conferences.



Pepetual Mforbe Chiangong (Humboldt University, Berlin)

Decoloniality in Art Education: Where We Are Coming From and Where We Are Today

My intervention begins by reviewing those moments in history when decolonialisation became a critical debate in African literatures and particularly with specific focus on concrete actions that were taken at the time. Thereafter, I will look into how decolonialisation  is explored in my work and comment on today’s debate around the subject.


Pepetual Mforbe Chiangong is Assistant Professor of African Literatures and Cultures with focus on theatre at the Department of African Studies, Humboldt University in Berlin. She holds a Ph.D. in theatre and drama studies from the University of Bayreuth. Her current areas of research include old age in African drama and performance, the Kenya Schools and Colleges Drama Festival and the literariness of colonial letters in British Cameroon.



Julius Heinicke (Universität Hildesheim) (Chair and Organisation)

Politics of Cultures: The Dilemma of Research in Cultural Policy Contexts

Reflection and/or deconstruction? The input discusses challenges of transforming research methods in a decolonial way.


Julius Heinicke holds the UNESCO Chair "Cultural Policy for the Arts in Development" and heads the department of Cultural Policy at the University of Hildesheim. From 2017-2020, he was Professor of Applied Cultural Studies at Coburg University of Applied Sciences. After studying cultural studies and theater, he completed his PhD on theater and politics in Zimbawe (How to Cook a Country: Theater in Zimbabwe im politisch-ästhetischen Spannungsfeld) at Humboldt University in Berlin and then conducted research at the Institute for Theater Studies at Freie Universität Berlin. In 2019, he habilitated with the book Sorge um das Offene, Verhandlungen von Vielfalt mit und im Theater published by Theater der Zeit.



5:15 pm – 6.30 pm

Decolonial Vision on Cultural Policy (Joint Discussion)